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Mobe 7

Jun 11, 2009

Author: Jeremie Tronet

The Back Mobe 7 or Mobe 7  is a Mobe 720° . It 's a Backmobe followed by a 360° frontside handle pass. This is one of the most advanced handle pass trick where the rider has to pass the bar 2 times before landing. Riders like Aaron Hadlow and Kevin Langeree were some of the first  to perform this trick in competition and score some good points.

To do  this trick, the rider need to be able to land the Back Mobe without any problems and also do some Back Mobe 5s ( Back Mobe landed toe -side) or Back Mobe to wrapped which will help in the progression to pass the bar before landing.

First of all  remember that you will have to pass the bar two times, so your leash must be long enough to turn around your body twice. This is why it is good to have it connected on the front instead of in the back of your harness.
You need to be powered up, and your kite position will be a slightly higher, allowing you more time in the air to pass the 2nd time.

You must pop stronger than usual, trying to go higher than you would do on a simple Back Mobe.

As soon as you leave the water turn the Back Mobe as fast as you can by looking far over your shoulder to accelerate the rotation.
Once you pass the bar, reach it with your 2nd hand  and use the speed of the first rotation to engage the 2nd fronside handle pass by keep looking far behind your shoulder and bend your knees to rotate faster.

When your 2nd hand reaches the bar and you are already turning to do the 2nd handle pass, pull the bar to your hip a little bit behind your back and try to pass it  very fast.

You are not using the pop and the slack in the line it offers to pass the bar the 2nd time, there is more tension in the lines, which is why you have to pass the 2nd handle pass very fast by pulling the bar a little stronger and go reach it far in your back with your other arm. As soon as you pass the 2nd handle pass, look far in front of the direction you will be landing heel side like any unhooked trick.

Key pointers

Step 1 Be powered ready to pop to go higher than a normal Back Mobe.
Step 2 Engage the Back Mobe as fast as you can by rotating as soon as you leave the water
Step 3 When First Mobe passed, reache the bar with the 2nd hand, keep looking behind the shoulder to start the  2nd rotation, bend your knees, pull the bar strong to pass it a 2nd time
Step 4 As soon as you pass the 2nd handle pass, you are ready to land heel side, look far in front of you in the direction you are landing.

Common Mistake and Correction
You crash each time you try to pass the 2nd time:
You have to really bend your knees and go for it to do this move.
You must turn your head completely like you are sure you will pass the bar, and  finish the 2nd rotation even without passing the bar.

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