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2012 Cabrinha Nomad Review

Apr 14, 2012

Author: SBC Kiteboard / Shane Thompson

Best in Class: Big Boosting and Hang Time
Size tested: 11 m
Sizes available: 5.5, 7, 9, 11, 13 m
Design style: 4-line, 6-strut SLE

The Nomad is the high performance freestyle kite of Cabrinha’s wide kite range. Its new profile frames itself with six struts and ensured the Nomad has precision steering, tons of range, and a big-boosting personality. It sits forward in the window for steady pull and unhooked pop. Demonstrating Cabrinha’s notably smooth, well-powered pull through the sweeping turns, the Nomad allowed our advanced Test Team riders to get the most out of big jumps and mega loops. It had lighter bar pressure than the Switchblade, but seemed hard-pulling and more direct without losing the smooth park-and-ride-style of pull of its counterpart. Test Team riders were also impressed with the direct handling and C-kite feel of the Nomad. De-power was progressive and consistent without the instant shut-off of the more freeride, all-terrain-inspired Vector. This is a thoroughbred freestyle design that lets you make the most of high altitude manoeuvres.

Noise through the bar
Some of the testers felt the Nomad had more “noise” coming from the kite through the bar compared to the other Cabrinhas.

“Overall, an excellent kite with a solid, positive feel similar to my C kite, for that direct connection with great low- and top-end. Accessible and smooth de-power, but doesn’t dump the power.”
“Lots of power, smooth unhooked, with lots of  lofty jumping ability.”
“If you want a C-kite feeling Cabrinha with more versatility, this is my pick. Big, controlled boosts, lots of lift and upper wind range.”

Tech Features
-    Sprint inflation system
-    6-strut design
-    Simplified bridle

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