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The Reverse

Apr 8, 2009

Author: words by John Amundson photos by Iain Platt

In the surfing world the Reverse is the foundation for many of the modern new-school manoeuvres. As kite surfing becomes more popular performance levels are being pushed daily and many of the moves are crossing over from surfing. The Reverse requires a good foundation and a basic knowledge of kite flying in the waves. With practice most people can master this move.
    I’ve found that too much power in the kite results in the kite bossing your moves around. Too little power and you won’t be able to attack the Reverse with the velocity needed. Sometimes the quality of the wave is so good you don’t need to rely on the kite as much, but let’s face it, most of the time we’re riding in less-than-perfect wave conditions. I find that medium wind and power in the kite seems to work well in both good or mediocre waves.
    When going into the first bottom turn I like to be focused on the part of the wave I will be hitting while storing up energy in my board from my bottom turn. That energy is then unleashed out of the bottom turn and directed to the breaking lip. With all that energy and speed I’m able to hit the lip and throw the tail into the air and land the board “reverse.” At this point, having a modern surf design with extra tail rocker can really help to keep the tail from burying and allow you to plane while in the reverse position. I designed this 5’9’’ for just this kind on manoeuvre. In the Reverse I shift the weight from my back foot to my front foot to keep the tail from burying. Kite positioning is also very helpful; if you power up too much you may end up getting catapulted, planning on your face. The exit out of Reverse is pretty natural, the fins engage and give you a smooth spin back to forward position. —John Amundson

The Reverse
John Amundson is sponsored by Amundson Customs and North Kiteboarding.

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