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Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team/Shane Thompson

Style: Four-line SLE  Wind Range (11 m2): 15-28 knots, expert (180 lbs) / What’s new: Finely tuned shaping and A-KPO Bridle, new zigzag stitch in tight weave webbing on LE, wing tip battens

The GK Sonic is ideal for the rider that wants to fine tune the handling and feel of their kite, and be able to suck up gusts, ride with great speed and boost some nice lofty airs. It’s remarkable at just how much the different settings on the A-KPO bridle can drastically change bar pressure and turning speed of this kite.

Key Kite Features

• V-Sonic leading edge
• Separate aspect ratio in body and wing tip
• Heavy duty Dacron framing, LE seam and strong build
• A-KPO bridle system
• One-pump inflation system

Bar Setup and Safety Systems
• GK Click-n-Go Bar
• Swivel with a leashed front line flagging system
• New push away CL release with easy click reload
• New stopper and quick adjust
• Flagging lines on both handles
• Above-the-bar pull-pull trim strap depower

On-water Performance
The first thing the Test Team noticed was how well constructed the GK Kites are. In the air this sturdiness is felt as the Sonic canopy remains completely solid and sturdy through major gusts and aggressive steering. This kite pulls fast and smooth, has great low-wind power and reaches to the top of the list for easy upwind performance. Freeriders will enjoy boosting some big and long distance jumps. The Test Team found that with the bridles set to the fastest turn set up, the 11 m performs better for aggressive and advanced riders. The Sonic’s solid feel in the air and smooth glide during jumps lets you really push the limits of big air jumping. Like the kite, the bar system is also amazingly tunable. No other setup out there allows you to quickly and easily change the length of the throw line, and the new safety system ensures full flagging capability from one line when safety is fully engaged. The quick-release trim loop is also the quickest to re-engage and with one easy click you’re ready to go. Water relaunch also rates at the top of the fleet with easy back steering line pull. Anyone who gets this kite should check out the GK website for all the video tips and info you need to customize the bridles and bar setups to suit your riding preference.

Reality Check
If you don’t care to learn about tuning or customizing kite performance, a more simplified, all-round system may be better for you.

Bottom Line
The GK Sonic is a highly tunable, freeride weapon, that has desired performance for the intermediate to advanced riders that want smooth power delivery and easy access to big air.

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