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Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team/Shane Thompson

Style: Four-line Delta SLE / Wind Range (9 m2 and 11 m2): 12-30, 10-22 knots expert (180 lbs ) / What’s new: D2 Delta Evolution shape, reduced wing tip sweep, by reduced number of struts, lower aspect ratio, low drag wing tips, and re-engineered bridles

N62 delivers simplicity, safety and easy handling performance to a sometimes over complicated and teched out kite market. From setup to the first session, the Test Team was instantly comfortable and confident in this kite. Quick pivotal turning, and the most instant and total depower were the two most glaring noted features of the N62.

Key Kite Features
• D2 Delta Evolution
• Reduced Strut Configuration (three struts)
• Simplified bridle configuration with short depower throw
• Eva-molded canopy bumpers
• Cordura reinforced strut ends
• Smart Pump 2 single-point inflation

Bar Setup and Safety Systems

• Nobile four-line control bar
• Eva colour-coded ergo grip bar
• Adjustable length bar ends
• Mini fifth line safety system
• Flagging handles on bar ends
• Fulcrum Quick Release—two-piece molded chicken loop

On-water Performance
After the quick-and-easy setup the N26 delivers easy park-and-go riding. Its quick pivotal turning lets you put it where you want sheet in and get to where you need to be. This an ideal kite for beginners who need to concentrate on simple riding and not worry about the kite. This kite is also awesome for hooked-in waveriding. The quick pivotal turns let the rider switch direction quickly and get into the perfect spot on the wave. Nobile has also done an excellent job of eliminating some of the steering control issues and imprecise handling of the earlier Delta shapes. The lower aspect ratio of the kite delivers high amounts of low-end power. Also notable is the instant depower of this kite. When you let out the bar completely you simply sink and all forward pull is removed. The round outline and bridle configuration also allows easy back line pull for quick water relaunch.

Reality Check
Like many of the three strutted Delta kites, in very gusty over-powering conditions the kite canopy can flutter and distort resulting in some loss of precision control. It has easy access jumps but it’s not the ideal kite for powered freestyle maneuvers, big hang time or unhooked riding.

Bottom Line
The N62 raises the bar of the three-strut Delta shape for general freeriding and is an ideal choice for building basic riding skills. The simplicity and safety will build confidence in any progressing rider and before you know it you’ll be ready to conquer the waves.

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