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Jul 3, 2009

Author: SBC Test Team/Shane Thompson

Style: Four-line Delta Hybrid / Wind Range: 15-34 knots / What’s new: Refined Delta shape and leading edge bridles

Testers enjoyed the smooth and powerful feel of the EVO. Good amount of accessible depower, and the quick pivotal turning. This kite delivers the goods for every condition and riding style. Great wind range and all-around feel, the Evo is a kite that feels comfortable in your hands quickly and will inspire confidence regardless of ability level.

Key Kite Features:

• Delta Shaping and leading edge bridles
• Molded strut connections
• High density LE seams

Bar Setup and Safety Systems

• North four-line Control Bar
• Vario cleat adjusts length of depower and trim line length
• Iron Heart quick-release trim loop, easy to engage under pressure
• Adjustable bar ends for different bar length options
• Mini Fifth-line safety release

On-water Performance

Out of the bag and setup on stock settings the North Evo 9 m was ready to go. The two things testers noted right away was the beefy low-end power and the quick, direct steering response of the EVO. Great stability out of this kite and control with no tendency to oversheet or backstall. We tested this kite into some huge wind as well and it performed remarkably in 15 mph to 30 mph. There’s less back line bar pressure than the North Rebel, tested in Issue No. 30 but there is still plenty of feedback. With a quick trim of the above-the-bar trim line, the Evo sits forward in the window and pulls smoothly off the front lines. This makes it nice for unhooked pop and would probably feel even closer to the North Vegas if it was flown in the fifth-line mode. Although the EVO doesn’t depower quite as quickly as some of the three-strut Delta shapes of the test, the overall stability and fast, easy relaunch of the Evo makes it ideal for novice riders as well.

Reality Check
The EVO may fall into the category of being decent at everything but not excellent at any one thing. The more specialized advanced riders may want more performance in a specific discipline and with three other kites in the range North’s got them all covered.

Bottom Line
Look to the North EVO for the rider that wants excellent 4-line crossover performance into waves and freestyle. Its grunty fast and direct steering, coupled with its capable unhooked freestyle make it a great choice.

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