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Best Waroo

Feb 5, 2009

Author: Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 11 m2
Style: Four-line SLE / Wind range: 13-28 knots / What’s new: Refined V2P bridle system

In its fourth year, the Waroo has become the standard against which all other freeride kites are judged. Its easy-to-access performance erases the lines between new school and old school, wakestyle and freestyle. The Waroo’s longstanding popularity for the real-world rider is a testament to this kite’s character—and 2009 is no exception.

Bar and safety systems

This year the Waroo and Nemesis operate on the same control system. Improved elements from last year include new textured grip, and a new molded chicken loop that releases easier under load and houses the suicide safety-leash attachment ring. Four OSR safety flagging handles are located on every line, which give this bar extra marks for safety and enhances the self-landing capability.

Key kite features
For those looking for value, the Waroo is packed with Best’s exclusive features: VP2 bridle system with ABC tuning capability, canopy framing technology, load-flex leading-edge seams, CFT-reinforced trailing edge, trailing-edge battens, replaceable pully inserts, and Kevlar-reinforced leading edge and strut connection seams.

On-water performance

The Waroo was well-received by testers for its stability, ease of use and ultimate versatility. Although last season Waroo had more drastic performance improvements over earlier models, this year sees VP2 bridle refinements that induce faster turning and reduced tendency to back stall. With improvement in stability and control, the Waroo is poised again to deliver the goods at every stage of the riding experience. Slightly more low-end power was also noted.
    This kite lives up to its hype; it easily handles any condition and can be tuned to any riding style. It has good direct steering, light bar pressure and excellent depower that comes on within arm’s reach. Respectable hangtime and big-air capability combine with good unhooked performance to give the Waroo top marks for versatility. Water relaunch is quick and effortless, and will be appreciated by both beginner and wave enthusiasts.
    The versatility of the Waroo is highlighted not only by its simple out-of-the-bag performance, but also by the multiple tuning options available with the VP2 bridle system. Take the time to understand the different settings and tune the bar pressure, depower ability and turning speed for different riding conditions and styles.

Reality check
Packed with features, the Waroo still misses the mark on setup with no single-point inflation.

Bottom line
The Waroo ’09 gets top marks again as a value leader with an unmatched price-to-performance ratio. It’s guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of beginner and advanced riders alike because it delivers dependable performance for any wind or water condition, riding style or discipline.

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