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Best Nemesis HP

Feb 5, 2009

Author: Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 10 m2 / Style: Four-line SLE / Wind range: 13-32 knots / What’s new: Twister Tech, refined V2P bridle system

The Nemesis HP targets the discerning performance-focused riders of the world who demand the perfect balance between C-kite responsiveness and SLE performance. Equipped with new Twister Tech, the ’09 Nemesis has faster turn initiation, tighter turning and reduced bar pressure. It is the top performance model of the popular Best lineup. New membrane strut valves ensure easy strut inflation even in cold weather.
Bar setup and safety systems
The redesigned Best four-line SLE bar has textured, colour-coded EVA grip, and several safety and design features. The new molded chicken loop has one moving part and is easily engaged under load. The throw of the chicken line is shorter than many SLE’s on the market and makes adjusting the above-the-bar trim straps easy. Flagging lines with safety handles on both bar ends and centre lines offer redundant safety and good self-landing options from any wind direction. A pull-pull trim strap with an attached mini fifth-line safety system and stopper-ball option round out this premium control system.

Key kite features
The Nemesis has all of Best’s industry-exclusive features including the new V2P bridle system and Cuben Fiber-weaved leading edge that’s now equipped with a Twister Tech system that improves turning speed with less bar input. Membrane strut valves let you pump each strut separately but efficiently, and overall bomber kite construction put the Nemesis in the premium kite category.

On-water performance
The first thing you notice when you pump up the Nemesis is the extremely narrow leading edge and robust build features. The Twister Tech sections allow the leading edge some flex, which has improved direct steering and quicker turn initiation. The stability of this kite is solid; there’s no flutter or distortion experienced during aggressive turns. Effortless upwind ability make this kite ideal for getting back into the lineup during a good wave session.
    The Nemesis HP ’09 has less bar pressure than its predecessor and a softer, more controllable feel overall. It lives up to previous years’ designs with massive jumping capability and huge glide. Despite the shorter chicken-line throw, the kite seems to have more accessible depower than last year’s model. With enhancements in turning capability, it makes softer landings more attainable because the kite reacts faster. Its pop, lift and unhooked steering performance will satisfy advanced new-school riders. During kite loops the Nemesis gives smooth pull through the turn. Some testers ranked it as one of the top SLE’s for loops.
    The Nemesis HP gets two thumbs up for easy water relaunch. Point the bar or pull on one steering line and the kite flips over with relative ease. Overall, this kite has top-level performance that suits advanced riders in a wide range of conditions and disciplines.

Reality check
If you’re looking to learn technical unhooked manoeuvres, the Nemesis can be a handful.

Bottom line
The Nemesis HP best suits intermediate to advanced riders who prefer a grunty, powerful kite that can take a ton of abuse and boost you into the stratosphere. With great upwind capability, smooth power delivery, solid stability and quicker turning, the 2009 Nemesis lives up to all it promises.

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