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Eclipse Nano

Feb 5, 2009

Author: Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 9 m2 / Style: Four-line Delta SLE hybrid / Wind range: 12-30 knots / What’s new: Faster relaunch, more pop, more stability, Hurricane Proof Construction

In its third year, the Nano is the value-oriented kite package in the Eclipse line. It has been designed with performance that encourages skill development at every level and in multiple disciplines. The Nano’s focus is on ease of use with good control character and safety in mind.

Bar setup and safety features

The 2009 Morph bar is used on all Eclipse kites and has smooth, colour-coded EVA foam grip and contoured finger holds. A mini fifth line engages instant depower by pulling on both front-line bridles. The Kill Switch eliminates the kite’s power and is excellent for self-landing the kite facedown on the beach. The chicken loop also has a great swivel feature below the bar that ensures front lines don’t get crossed. Flagging-line handles on both steering lines give the 2009 Morph bar top marks for safety features.

Key kite features
The Eclipse Nano design fuses the new Delta-shaped model onto an SLE platform, creating its exclusive Delta/SLE design. This model is value-packed and includes single-point inflation, Hurricane Proof Construction, serviceable Ronstan pulleys, molded scuff guards, Shark Skin reinforcements, bridle deflectors and the extended Bullet Proof Warranty upon registration.

On-water performance
The Nano is a quick, pivotal-turning kite that has a ton of grunt and easy get-up-and-go. It is clear why beginners love it: it gets you up quickly but doesn’t run away in the speed department. Steering on the Nano is direct and bar pressure gives the positional feedback beginners need and wave or wakestyle riders prefer. This is a fun kite to ride in the waves, with great stability and solid drift action.
    While it doesn’t have the biggest pop or huge glide of the Thruster, the Nano lends confidence to any rider looking to push into the next level. It flies well unhooked and doesn’t pull too hard off the back lines like some beginner SLE’s out there. Depower is adequate and comes on despite the shorter throw line set up with this kite. Water relaunch is quick and easy, always an essential element on any kite positioned to the beginner or waverider.

Reality check

Some testers felt the trim line could be extended slightly to offer more depower at maximum arm reach. Complete depower was available with the right amount of trim adjustment.

Bottom line
The Nano is a grunty, stable-pulling kite that caters to today’s fast-learning beginner. It’s also ideal for highwind waveriding and the odd unhooked manoeuvre. Its ease of use and predictable flying character will let you advance your skills at every level.

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