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Windwing Batwing

Feb 5, 2009

Author: Shane Thompson

Style: 4-Line flat SLE Hybrid/  Wind Range: 10 – 20 12- 26 knots, / What’s new: X-ply trailing edge with foil vents. Reduced batwing cutaway in the trailing edge, canopy foil vents, the Bob Batten in wingtip.

The Windwing Batwing is back again redesigned for improved low-end power and lighter, crisper feel, for enhanced freeride cruising capability.

Bar Set up and Safety Systems
The four line control bar has a textured EVA foam grip with bar floats and flagging handles on both bar ends. The new molded quick-release system releases easily under load and neatly houses the below-the-bar trim adjustment. The long throw line doubles back from the pulley at the centre V and the stopper ball system functions well. There’s an extra safety line capability at the front line V connection for full, front line flagging which is great for beginners.

Key Kite Features
The Batwing’s scalloped trailing edge gives the kite its unique appearance in the air and derives its model name. The use of ABS Kevlar reinforced trailing edge is also unique to WW and attempts to provide a stable, more rigid surface to recapture the laminar airflow for smoother wake release, which improve overall kite speed and upwind performance. The Bob Batten is a unique wingtip formation built-in for wingtip stability in larger kite sizes. Also a Multi-Inflation-System is a single point inflation system.

On Water Performance
With only a handful of bigger kite sizes during this test session we were happy to have the Windwing Batwing 15 as a light wind cruiser. For a big kite our testers noted that the kite was quicker than some of the other large kites of the test. It has ample get up and go and a crisper and lighter feel over last years Batwing. The 10 meter also had great low-end power and was recommended by several testers as best suited to the all-round cruising freeride crowd. The scalloped trailing edge and foil vents also seems to ensure the Batwing has no pitch sensitive, back stalling issues. Unhooked, testers noted that the Batwing stays parked and pulls fairly smoothly off the front lines. A kite that has good low-end must also have good depower capability and testers gave top marks in this category on both kite sizes. Water relaunch performance is quick and easy for waves or light wind relauching.

Reality Check
Testers recommended the set-up on the shortest knot of the steering lines for quick steering and turn initiation. Also ensure that all metal parts on the chicken loop are tightened so no hardware is exposed.

Bottom Line
Improvements in design, function and performance make this kite a good choice for freeride cruising and all-around performance. The Batwing’s good usable wind range and excellent low-end power make the larger size ideal for a light wind set up.

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