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Late Arrivals

Jul 20, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Others to consider: Three late arrivals for the board tests—they arrived on the second last day of testing—are worthy of consideration. (Maybe the shipping company drivers slept in?) These boards did miss the majority of the testing session, and were not ridden by the team in a variety of conditions, so they are not included in the head-to-head section of the reviews.

Liquid Force DLX
Tested: 138 x 42 cm
Liquid Force has the advantage of being able to incorporate their wakeboard technology and years of shaping expertise into their kiteboard line, and the DLX proves this marriage is leading the way in performance for freestyle twin-tip shapes. Unlike many of the flat-bottomed freestyle twins out there, the DLX and every LF shape have specifically designed bottom contours that give the board better water flow, increasing upwind drive and control, and adding more grip when needed. Using multiple concaves and channels on the bottom shape and through the tips allows the board to maintain speed while breaking water on landings or ripping through chop.  The DLX was a test favourite for its huge pop, excellent carving control, and loose and lively feel. It’s an ideal choice for any rider who wants to push the limits in the park, at the slick, or even for the aggressive freerider who dabbles in everything. The DLX likes to be fully booted, but it can handle its own with the new Comp straps.

Liquid Force DLX 

Underground Styx
The 2011 Styx from Underground brings some the newest trends in freestyle board design delivered in a high-performance and nicely styled setup. Built with top quality precision engineering that features a Paulownia wood core, biax glass layup and carbon asymmetric flex control, the Styx is technology-maxed from top to bottom. Designed for the elite technical freestyle rider, the Styx offers mad pop and aggressive grip for the heaviest payload available. The complex bottom shaping includes triple/spine quad concave and rail channels, which provide awesome grip and smooth flow. This Styx combines and aggressive tip flex and blends 3D shaped and tapered rails, the Styx promises the most aggressive pop with cushioned landings. Seven custom sizes grants access to riders of all shapes and sizes.
Underground Styx Review
RRD  Contest
The new Contest board from RRD takes RRD’s best freestyle board shape from the Poison Ltd and repackages it with advanced technology applications. The Contest’s advanced construction technology is sure to deliver stiff and explosive competition performance. Outfitted with Textra, high modulous carbon layup and CNC Laminar woodcore, the Contest Pro promises 25 per cent lighter weight and a super fine, high-gloss finish with a micormetric heat press on both the top and bottom. The glossy coat ensures both durability and a showroom finish worthy of any aspiring freestyle pro. The Contest’s parallel, outline and super-wide tips guarantee this board will have awesome amounts of explosive pop for boosting huge and laying down the latest trick your bag. If you’re done with the withering noodle you’ve been riding on for the last three years, and want a new board to push it to the next level, the Contest might just the board to take you there.
RRD Contest


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