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North Jaime 135

Jun 22, 2010

Author: SBC Kiteboard

STYLE: Freeride/Freestyle
SIZE: 133.5 x 41 cm
TIP WIDTH: 28 cm
TIP WIDTH at 6”: 33 cm
FINS: 50 mm

The Jaime has been the cornerstone of the North twin-tip lineup for years and delivers reliable, all-round performance for all-terrain freeriding, freestyle and new-school riding. The Jaime has a rounder tail outline and a slightly softer flex than the Team series, which makes it smoother through chop and looser in the turns. It has great amounts of pop for new-school freestyle but is less aggressive than the Team Series. This year’s Jaime has gone to a centred flex and eliminated the Asymmetrical shape and flex of previous years which drives it more towards the freestyle crowd for 2010. The Jaime continues to offer a smooth, comfortable ride and has performance that is easy to access. The subtle single concave and flex tips helps to smooth out the rough water and keeps the Jaime in control at fast driving speeds. North figured out long ago how to eliminate the annoying face splash that still occurs on some competitors’ boards. The size, outline and reactive flex of this board suit it to a wide range of skill levels and rider disciplines. It’s aggressive enough for the demands of the new-school junkie and just forgiving enough for the average freerider looking to take it to the next level.

Footbed and Strap System:
Vario Footpads and Straps
The 2010 version of North’s Vario footstrap offers a comprehensive range of adjustment in sizes and positions, as well as stiffness of the foot bed. This system has the most comprehensive customization in a traditional strap platform. The footbed comes with three different foam inserts that are placed beneath the heel of the footbed and can change the stiffness level under the heel. The Vario strap can also be modified in width and asymmetry. Compared to other straps the Vario’s are softer flexing but provide great levels of support and offer compact and locked in feel at all times while providing unmatched feedback from the boards flex, feel and power.

Board Construction
• New 3D wood carbon cap sandwich
• CNC milled 3D deck and concave bottom
• ABS sidewall
• Protection topsheet foil with gloss finish

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