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Utah, Superfly Rail Prep

2011 Superfly Snowkiting

I arrived in Salt Lake City Utah on the 11th of February. I’m staying with the Buzianis’s (Thanks Lauri and Jake!) Since I’ve been here we have been getting prepped for the big ( “Superfly” event for up coming weekend. Jake, Tyler Brown, the Buzianis children and myself have been busy getting the sliders prepped and repainted. We ended up painting the large up, flat, down, flat rail purple with gold and white Best fish! The small flat bar rail we decided to paint red with both gold and white Best fish. So with alittle paint on our hands and a big smile on our face we were stoked after a days work on the sliders!

While us boys were out painting sliders in the snow and sun the ladies Lauri Buzianis and Lia Feriancek were shopping for the “meal plans” for the competitors of the SuperFly event! After pounds and pounds of pork, beef, plates, forks ect ect ect our days have slowed down and now ready to head up to the event site (strawberry) and starting to prepare the sliders and kickers with the snowcat and snowblower.

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Posted: February 15, 2011 at 08:18 AM
By: John Bryja
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Ready for Superfly

Well I’ve just arrived in Utah after 5 days in Whistler. I’d never been to whistler or Black comb and it was well worth the trip. The mountain it self is huge you can pretty well ride all day and never go on the same run, So much variety!  The terrain parks at whistler and black comb were also a ton of fun! Lots of single barrel rails with big Ollie on’s, Stair sets and a ton of fun features.
The mountain closes everyday at 3:30pm so once your done riding at the mountain its time for “Euro Après”  Euro après is pretty much like happy hour. Everyone after riding meets up at the bar and starts drinking and eating apps. Since this starts at 3:30 in the afternoon by 5:30 everyone heads to the club down stairs! First time ever going to a club at 5:30pm but it was packed! The best thing about whistler was you start drinking early and your in bed by 10 or 11 pm and then up early the following morning to catch some fresh tracks!

Now I’m down in Salt Lake City, Utah staying with fellow Best team riding and good friend Jacob Buzianis. The plan this week is to get set up for the superfly. A lot goes into the event from painting the rails, building/grooming the snow, organizing the food hotel ect. So I’m here a few days early to give them a hand with set up and maybe even sneak in a couple snowkite sessions myself!

Superfly is going to go off!!!

Posted: February 12, 2011 at 03:17 PM
By: John Bryja
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Winter here I come...

After my injury on Maui, I decided it was time to head home to Canada to heal. Once I arrived home I realized that there wasn’t much to do in my small home town of Orillia Ontario. So I moved to the big city of Toronto for the month and worked at “Board Sport” ( During the week I’d work in the shop selling snowboarding equipment, kites and all other sorts of hard goods. Although Toronto was great for work, I missed being outside and active. After seeing the 2011 Banff film festival one evening with my dad, I decided that I’d like to be behind the lens for once and work towards shooting a winter movie incorporating snowboarding at some cool location as well as some snowkiting. So I decided to hook up with Mad snowboards and Trevor Jennings (Smith, Mad boards) to shoot a little snowboarding on the weekends. Once I got my stitches removed January 18th I had my snowboard back under my feet again and got some snowboarding in myself.
Once I had the go ahead from my Doctor (Dr. Tillman) I decided it was time to get back on the road and get a kite back in my hands again. I booked a flight to Kelowna, BC for Feb 1st  to visit my little sister Mary Medysky who is attending University there. I haven’t seen my sister now for 5 month so I decided that now it’s a great chance to go and visit her and also get my riding legs back on the mountain. After spending a week in Kelowna visiting and riding I’ve booked a greyhound bus to Whistler BC to spend a few days riding there and catching up with some old friends.
On Feb 11th it begins!!! I fly from Vancouver to Salt Lake City Utah to meet up with the Best Team ( and begin to prepare for the Best SuperFly Open, which is being held at Strawberry Reservoir, just out side of Park City. This year I will be attending several of the USA snowkite Tour stops including Utah, Colorado and Idaho. For the 2011 snowkite season I’ve been luck enough to partner with Flow Snowboarding ( Flow has sponsored me the past few year for snowkiting and have continued to pull through again this year. I’ll be riding the 2012 152 Verve, and a set of M5 bindings STOKED!
Really excited for the next month ahead of me. Its not often I get to spend a lot of time on the snow anymore and as I’m Canadian and always will be, I’ll always love the snow no matter how cold it may be at times! Keep your fingers crossed for snow and wind and lets hope I don’t loose anymore fingers this time around!! haha

Posted: February 4, 2011 at 06:16 AM
By: John Bryja
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