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Superfly  Saturday February 19th

Saturday the big day of the superfly! We woke up early Saturday morning and headed to Strawberry reservoir to pump up kites for the best kiteboarding demo with West Coast rep Trisha Smith. Once we got kites set up more and more people were rolling into the event and by now the wind was cranking! Its started out alittle gusty and well soon conditions diminished. We started with our skippers meeting and the plan was to get the coarse race going as our first event. We said 1pm for first possible start for the race but when we sent Jake out to test the coarse about half an hour before the start he was no where to be scene. Mother nature decided she was going to let it snow and snow it did! All riders were called off the snow and to stay near by the tents, and speakers so no one was lost. After 3 hour people were starting to get worried about Jake so Spencer, Buster and Aaron decided go on a search party for Jake on the Snowmobiles. Personally I knew Jake would be fine he’s a wookie and can find his way out of anywhere! Sure enough the guys on the sleds found Jake making his way back to the event site. All were happy that Jake was back and no one else was lost in the blizzard. The event was postponed for the Saturday and pushed to Sunday due to the over welling amount of snow coming down.
Saturday night was the Park City Pub Crawl! Of coarse there had to be a twist! The ladies Lauri and Lia decided to make a contest out of the event. “Best photo of the Best kiteboarding flying fish” So not only was the evening full of bar hopping and beers but now trying to get the general public to put on our flying fish tattoos! Check out all the photos on Best kiteboarding Facebook page!  I personally thought I did well I used the Canadian charm to allow me to apply some tattoos to a few cute girls from a few of the bars in Park City!

Posted: February 23, 2011 at 12:59 PM
By: John Bryja

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