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Moehau Goold

Feb 20, 2007

Author: as told to John Bryja

Home: I was born and raised in Bora Bora, Tahiti. It’s a little island in the middle of the South Pacific. But now I live out of my duffel bag at a hotel or airport near you.

Industry: I feel really lucky to be riding for a company [Liquid Force] who has a good vision of the sport. I think that a lot of the companies in the kite industry don’t really care about where the sport is going. They need to promote more of the lifestyle of their riders—that’s the future of the sport. By the looks of a lot of kiteboarding companies out there, they could do without any team riders. They are killing the sport.

Sex: It’s a lot easier to get some when partying with Stav [Niarchos] or when Da Goose is loose.

Fame: For some reason, Da Goose is more famous than Moehau Goold. I guess it’s not how hard you ride but how hard you party. A lot of people I meet are like, “Yo, Goose, let’s go get wasted so I can tell all my friends back home that I got wasted with the Goose.” I’d rather have them say, “Moehau, let’s go ride so I can tell my friends back home I rode with Moe.” Now that sounds better.

Travel: I didn’t really finish school, so traveling taught me everything I know.

Religion: Like money and politics, everyone has their opinion. And if you try to give yours, it may be a fight.

Posers: I don’t mind poseurs, until I see them hook up with, like, the hottest girls at the beach.

Respect: Dre [Phillip], Ben [Wilson] and Mauricio [Abreu] are, to me, paving the road for kiteboarding to go in the right direction. They’re not doing it for the fame, money or girls, but to take the sport to a point where grommets see it as a sick sport and want to do it.

Setup: When it comes to hitting kickers, sliders or just punting tricks, I use the Havoc kites ’cause I like how stable they are and how solid they fly when unhooked. And as for boards, I ride my Element 140 with Escalade bindings. That board stomps tricks in any type of conditions. And in the waves, I use the Assault kites because contrary to other bow-style kites, the Assault has more wing profile toward the wingtip, which keeps the kite flying in a straight axis. And for boards, Liquid Force and Pat Rawson are working on kite surfboards. I’ve been surfing and kitesurfing the prototypes every day, and they are sick boards.

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