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Jeff Kafka

Apr 6, 2009

Author: Steve Gunn, photo by Jamy Donaldson

If you see this guy and he is not in, on, over, or under the water, or without his cell connected to his ear, it’s probably an imposter. Cabrinha’s Jeff Kafka is probably more at home wet than dry on land, and may be the busiest guy in kiteboarding.
    Jeff started surfing at seven years old, and after a serious head injury turned to boogie boarding when his parents said no to surfing. He participated on the boogie boarding circuit including the Pipe Masters in Hawaii, and returned some years later to surfing, started tow surfing with Jeff Clark (50’ at Maverick’s), snowboarding, fishing, scuba diving, and kiteboarding. He’s the first to kite the big stuff at legendary Maverick’s, part of the first group to kite from the Farallon Islands (great white breading grounds) to the Golden Gate, and later circumnavigate the Farallon’s to the Gate. He was first at the 2006 Ronstan Bridge to Bridge; second, 2007 U.S. National Kite Championships; first, 2007 Cabrinha Race Series; first, 2008 La Ventana Classic—just to mention a few of his honours in the water.
    Did I say he’s busy? Judge for yourself. Jeff is owner of Wind Over Water Kiteboarding school, which provides both water and snow lessons. He is a partner in Neptune boards, which produces wave and race kiteboards. He is a partner in the NorCal Surf Shop, a full-service surf and kiteboard shop, and a partner in a new summer-winter development in Skyline, Utah. Oh yeah, he’s been married to Nicole for 10 years, has a 4 year old son, Zack, with another on the way (congrats!).
    So, if you see Jeff and he is not on his cell, speak up quickly as another call is just seconds away. And if he is not wet, he will be shortly. —Steven Gunn

Check out Jeff's website at



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