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Peter Trow's Indispensable

May 16, 2008

Author: John Bryja

Peter Trow picked up his first kite in early 1998 and quickly became the first professional kiteboarder from California. From Day 1 he applied his hard-charging and fearless waveriding style directly to kiteboarding and to his videos, and he’s never wavered since. Trow pioneered many of California’s most popular wave spots while pushing the limits of what was possible for kite waveriding. Devoted to directional boards and Flexifoil kites, he continues his loyalty to the waves and to the brand. We caught up with Trow to find out what he can’t possibly live without.

The ocean

I don’t know why, but it must be in my blood. I didn’t grow up on the coast but always had a desire to go to the Pacific and play in the waves. Now when I’m away from the ocean I feel ill. I have a real passion for the ocean.

My dog
Just when I thought about how I couldn’t live without my dog, I found her curled up on the bed after playing in the mud. Even though she causes some trouble, she’s a good dog. She inspires me to get out of the house and away from the computer. There’s nothing sweeter than taking her for walks on the beach or in the woods and watching how much fun she can have.

P2 HD camera
I don’t leave home without my video camera and water housings. I’m always looking for the perfect shot and different perspectives. I love the feeling of watching an A+ shot for the first time, and in HD it’s even more amazing. Nothing better than seeing a shot come together with perfect light, beautiful water, lined-up action and sharp P2 HD.


It was an impulse buy, but what a good one. Love having the ability to check e-mails, make calls, check the surf on the web, watch videos and listen to good tunes all from one small unit that fits in my pocket. It’s a great piece of technology that’s not complicated and I can actually use.

Yerba maté
I can drink maté all day. Keeps me alert, warm and doesn’t shake me up.

Directional board
I once went on a kite trip to a good wave spot and broke my only directional board. I borrowed a twin-tip and went out for one miserable run, then quit. I’d rather not kite if I’m not on a directional; it’s just not the same. Now I always travel with at least three boards.

At home or on the road I always have a Mac. When traveling, having the ability to easily download and edit video from a MacBook is something that wasn’t available five years ago and saves loads of time. At home, there’s nothing better for editing photos and video.

I’ve tried not having any, and it kind of sucks.

Having one board isn’t enough. I try to keep a couple shortboards, towboards, longboards, a fish, a foilboard and at least one board my friends can borrow when they come to visit.

Good food

I’m a pretty mellow, happy guy as long as I’m eating. If I don’t get enough good food, things start moving sideways for me quick. I feel much better when I’m fueled up with good, healthy, organic foods.

My truck

I wish I didn’t need it, but I don’t know how I would get around with all my gear without it. It’s great being able to leave all my kites, surfboards and everything else locked up in the back. Besides my garage, my truck is a second storage unit for gear.

Surf trunks
Hopefully I’ll always need a pair of surf trunks. Even though I’m not always using them on the cold Central Coast, having a few pairs of trunks keeps me prepared for warmer days and the possibility of tropical adventures.

If I could take it on a plane, I would. I use my WaveRunner for everything: shooting, towsurfing, foiling, finding better spots to ride, innertubing, whatever. It’s my favourite vehicle.


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