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Ian Alldredge

Mar 28, 2008

Author: Jason Wolcott

As I paddle from the boat to the lineup, a young surfer confidently paddles into a head-high set. He pumps down the line, getting every drop of speed out of the wave. The green wall begins to section off ahead of him, and he draws a clean line off the bottom and goes straight up and hucks an Air Reverse.

I can’t help but notice that Ian Alldredge surfs much like he kites. Much of his style is derived from the aggressive, new-school approach of modern-day surfing. With surfers like Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez and Timmy Curran to mold his style after, it’s no wonder Alldredge has one of the most powerful techniques in the business.

Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, Alldredge has been surrounded by the ocean since he was a small child. His father, Earl, a local legend kiter, is an accomplished waterman who always made sure Ian was on it.  

The most impressive thing about Alldredge is that he doesn’t have the I’m-a-God complex that many top athletes have. He is easily approachable and, for his age, very mature. He is quick to smile and show respect to the older guys on the water. His riding has taken on a whole new level in the past year. He has put the twin-tip down for good and is focused on strapless waveriding. Every time we kite together, I see him trying new air variations and different approaches to hitting sections. Look for Alldredge to lead the way in strapless waveriding now and into the future.

Ian Alldredge rides for Surftech, Naish, Prolite, Kaenon Polarized Optics, H20 Audio,, and Clout Rideshop.

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