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Shop Talk: Adventure Sports Miami

Sept 18, 2014

Author: As told to John Bryja / Photos courtesy Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports Miami

Locations: Coconut Grove, Doral, and Matheson Hammock Park (School) , other locations Ft. Lauderdale, FL ; Maui, HI
Owner: The Pryde Group
Manager: Colette Guadagnino (Coconut Grove Location)
Brands: NP – Cabrinha – Dakine – MHL – and many more!

How did you get into kiteboarding?
Colette Guadagnino: I’ve been a windsurfer since age 11 and I competed professionally for many years . I took my first lesson in 2005 but it wasn’t until I moved to Miami that I decided to make the transition from wind to kitesurfing. I took lessons with our School Adventure Sports at Matheson Hamock Park in Miami and I was super happy to be up and riding in four hours. I still enjoy windsurfing when the conditions are right, but now I have also become very passionate about kiting.

How did you get into the kiteboarding business?
Adventure Sports Miami is part of larger group called the Pryde Group , we have been the dominant in the windsurfing and Kiteboarding industry for over 20 years. Our main offices are located in Miami and many of our employees were pioneers in kiteboarding in Florida, we saw the need for a local shop with knowledgeable staff and great selection in stock, now Adventure Sports has 4 retail locations servicing Coconut Grove, Fort Lauderdale, Doral , Maui . We were also concerned with maintaining water access for the kiting community and in recent years we have opened a kiteboarding school at a local riding spot called Matheson Hammock, where we teach lessons and help preserve beach access.

Miami Kiteboarding Lessons

Local conditions?
We have everything from butter flat shallows to head-high side-onshore surf, and everything in between. Because of Miami’s unique coastline, islands, and bays, there are spectacular downwinders and of course world famous Stiltsville. Winds are lighter in the summer for 14m or even bigger kites, and stronger during the winter cold fronts 7-12m conditions.

Local Knowledge?
Know that several venues in Miami require PASA or IKO level 3 certification, if you’re planning on kiting in one of the popular kitesurfing locations make sure you know before you go ! It’s not difficult to obtain a certification but make sure to call our Adventure Sports Miami school for wind conditions and certification requirements.

Best local lunch spot:
Berries Restaurant In Coconut Grove- great atmosphere, frequented by local kiters, pet friendly $$ CASA TUA located in Miami Beach, more than just a restaurant its a total experience. $$$$$

Best Miami session last year?
Miami Beach – Matheson dowinder: Blue water and flying fish off of Miami Beach through the endless flats of Stillville, ending with a friendly group of kiters and a cold beer at Matheson Hammock Park.

Funniest shop story?
When recently a Windsurfing Olympic Gold Medalist clogged our toilet, he came out laughing and telling us how we might not want to go inside the bathroom...

Funniest/strangest question a customer has ever asked?
I had a customer call once and asked us if we sell guns...

Your best selling kite for 2014?
The Switchblade 12m from Cabrinha. It will be a best seller because it is the most popular size kite in Miami, and because it is a test winner and fan favorite at consumer demo days. For most people, they are looking for a kite that is stable, turns well, boosts, unhooks well, isn’t heavy in the bar, has a big wind range, and relaunches easily. The switchblade does this and more. It’s really the do everything kite even in our the Miami surf.

Best selling board for 2014?
The XCaliber from Cabrinha is our best selling model. Even though it’s a pretty advanced freestyle board, the water here is so flat that the normally rougher ride on a stiff performance board like this is really smooth and it rips upwind in our lighter winds and currents.

Local Lesson Information:
Lessons are taught in waist deep water at Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables. All instructors are are PASA / IKO certified and lessons are taught only on the most current Cabrinha equipment.

Accessory people should check out in your shop:
We have been focusing on a new range of accessories called NP. They have a very unique forged alloy bar with an easy in/out system called the S1 – they are the lightest harnesses I’ve ever seen and they have been selling like hot cakes. We are also the foil board experts in the Southeast, if you’re ever interested in finding out more about it or learn how to ride one, we are one of the first schools to offer foil lessons.


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