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Rep 411: Gregg “Tekko” Gnecco

Mar 22, 2011

Author: as told to John Bryja

Rep 411Gregg Tekko Gnecco Liquid Force
Gregg “Tekko” Gnecco

Agency: Pure Fun Stoke Factory

Brands: Liquid Force Kiteboarding. LF makes so many different products from kites and boards to straps and boots to bags and apparel—it’s full-time and like repping multiple lines!

Responsibilities: Service, support and sales for all of our western U.S. and Baja LF shops, schools and riders. Promoting the PURE FUN and STOKE of kiteboarding and Liquid Force products through constant travel, demos, events etc.

Territory: Western U.S. and Baja. Rockies to the Pacific around to Texas. Many thousands of road miles each year! A hundred and fifty to two-hundred days a year sleeping in the LF van, LF RV or on a couch.

PKs and demos per year: Hard to count! Aside from the scheduled industry demo events, we are always available for demos and working often one-on-one with people all over the region to help give them the opportunity to try LF gear. In kiteboarding, demos and riding the gear is the only way to really know what’s what and good for you. Our philosophy at LF is that we will go out of our way to arrange a demo for you to try LF gear to determine that it’s right for you. I am very noticeable and approachable in the LF Pure Fun RV or LF Van, as are many of our local riders who will demo/share their gear, so come by and ask to try some LF gear.

Best Perk: The people! I do what I do because of the people I get to share my days with. From the amazing crew I work with every day at LF, to the shops and schools rocking LF gear, to all the kiters I meet on beaches around the world, it is spending my days around these like-minded people—all of YOU—that make this such a fun gig. That and I get to work 80 per cent of the time in board shorts and flip-flops!

How has your local scene changed in the past 10 years?
Wow! Ten Years! It was 10 years ago this summer when I saw my first kites while driving through Hood River for the first time as a kayaker out here for Gorge Games 2000 and got hooked on kiting! I’d say the biggest change all over is how much the evolution of safer and easier gear (bridles and depower) has allowed kiteboarding to move out of the fringe of “extreme” sports and more into the world of accessible everyday watersports, bringing more and more people into the sport everyday.

Side gigs:
I’m an IKO instructor and recently started teaching kiting again after many years for my wife’s kite school, Cascade Kiteboarding in Hood River. So exciting after all these years to share with people that fresh new stoke as they learn to get up and ride for the first time, or land their first jump or Back Roll. New energy and riders are key to the sport and I enjoy that I get to be part of that as well.

Best place work has taken you: I love to travel and I’m always excited to see new places. While kiteboarding has taken me outside of the U.S. a few times, it is really the time on the road in the American West and Baja that I truly love. I try to change up my routes as much as possible while connecting the dots of where I’m heading next, to see a new place or just go through a town I’ve never been through. This country is such an amazing place and I feel very fortunate that I get to explore it while at work promoting fun through watersports!

Involved in events:
Yes! I have been the official LF events guy for the past few years and get to as many as possible. Events bring people together and that is always fun! We try to have a fun setup for LF, pumping tunes, energy drinks, etc. to create a vibe that people want to come be a part of... regardless of which brand they ride! Everyone’s welcome at the LF tent! Special shout out to Kicker Audio and Monster Energy for their support in making the Liquid Force tent always a fun place to be!

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