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Tools of the Trade with Sam Medysky

Mar 22, 2011

Author: as told to John Bryja, photo by Jason Rusnak

Sauble Beach, Ontario’s Sam Medysky is one of the top riders on the Best Kiteboarding international team. SBC first became acquainted with Sam when as a young pre-teen grom he visited the Billabong booth at the 2002 Wakestock event to get Chris Gilbert’s autograph. Back then, Sam was by all reports already a really good kiter. Now he is a three time Canadian Champion and sponsored by Best Kiteboarding, Balance boards, RogueWave custom, Dakine and O’Neill.

Sam Medysky

Balance Medysky 138 Balance Medysky 138
The Balance Medysky 138 is probably my favourite piece of gear because it has my name on it! It’s not just my favourite because of that though. The Medysky 138 is a great board for today’s freestyle riding. It has a stiff centre section while the tip and tail of the board are a bit softer, allowing it to pop huge and have butter smooth landings. The Balance boards are made in the same factory as “Atomic” skis and snowboards so Balance has used some of the technologies from the snowboards and transferred them to their kiteboards. The board has a thin aluminum sheet through it, stiffening the board and also making it far more durable. The board is equipped with inserts for bindings (6 inch) or foot straps. There are three different choices for inserts so you can ride it with a wide stance or a bit narrower.
Dakine X-Lace Ronix Frank / Dakine X-Lace
Most of the time I find myself riding boots these days but the odd time if it’s really windy I’ll take out some foot straps for mega loops. I use the Dakine X-Lace straps. They are nice and wide so they hold your foot in really well but they also can tighten down and be loosened off on the fly: nice and easy!
    As for boots, I ride the 2010 Ronix Frank closed-toe. The Ronix boots are super light with lots of support and have a dual-lace system that works. The boots also have a Velcro strap right over your toes so you can crank that down to hold your toes from lifting up when you’re edging your board.
Dakine Renegade Dakine Renegade
I’ve ridden for Dakine since I was 13 years old and never once had a problem with their harnesses. Comfortable, durable and light! That’s all I have to say!
Best Bularoo Best Bularoo 9, 11
The 9m and 11m Bularoo are my favourite sizes in the series. I do a lot of teaching on these kites but I’ve spent a lot of time riding them myself. They are super stable which helps in the gustier winds. The Bularoo also has an easy relaunch system so in tough conditions on the water it’s great to get the kite up quick. The relaunch is great for snow kiting in the winter season back home in Canada.
Best Team C Best Team C 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
Since the beginning of my kiting career in 1998, I’ve been on C kites. The Team C has very little depower, lots of grunt, which is great for wake-style riding. The Kite Loop’s huge, pulls hard and is so simple. No bells and whistles = simplicity!
Jellyfish Wakeskate Strapless Best Short Stick and Jellyfish Wakeskate  
Often times if I find myself injured or just have a bad day of riding, I’ll take out my surfboard or my wakeskate and have a ton of fun. Whether I’m playing in the waves trying some carves and airs or jibbing a slider or working on some skate tricks, I’m always having fun because it’s a change and adds some variety to what we can ride on the water.
Best Redline Bar Best 2010 Redline Bar
I have three Best Redline bars, a 45 cm and 50 cm. The bar is great for riding unhooked with a super grippy surface and great contour under your fingers. I changed the stock chicken loop size to double the original size. This makes it easy to unhook and hook back up. Also, with a larger chicken loop it allows me to ride with my arms comfortably at arm’s length but still have full power in my kite. I always ride 22 m lines. This allows me to keep the kite low and makes it easier to slacken the lines when loading and popping. Also, another benefit to 22 m lines is for Kite Loops. The shorter the lines, the easier it is to get the kite below your body during the Loop.


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