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Asia Litwin

Oct 26, 2010

Author: Wojtek Antonów

When you meet this young girl on the beach it’s hard to believe that she’s one of the top upcoming stars of the PKRA world tour. That is until you see her on the water. She’s full of grace, spontaneous, full power and technical all at the same time. When you grow up in the city of Warsaw it’s hard to dream about sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal blue water, but Asia made her dream come true.
    “I started because of my uncle Dariusz Rosiak, who is the owner of Nobile Kiteboarding,” 15-year-old Asia explains. “I was into snowboarding, and he introduced me to kiteboarding.”
    After just the first few months everybody realized Asia was very talented. She started riding with the best Polish riders. First Lukasz Ceran and then with Victor Borsuk, who taught her the style she is following. She now spends her time in Brazil or Rodos, enjoying perfect training conditions.
    And what about living in the big city far away from the beach? “It’s really good that sometimes I can go home, which is not a bungalow on the seashore nor hotel room,” Asia says. “Sometimes I just need to live ‘the city life.’ Go to the movies, hang out with my friends, my sister and just enjoy my free time”.
    After a great season competing with the best riders in the world, she finished the season in second place overall in the PKRA ranking, and she’s got an appetite for more. Her schedule for 2010 is really tight: 10 or more PKRA events, Polish Championships, maybe even some European Championships.
    But life is not just that easy, last year Asia had some problems with her hip and is still struggling with pain and problems, but this little girl is really strong and working toward a full recovery and returning even stronger.
    Another challenge for a teenager turned professional kiteboarder is school. Sometimes it’s a struggle to keep up with the homework while zipping around the globe, but with the full support of her teachers and hours of learning after sessions on the water she’s doing great in her studies.
    So what makes young Asia so good that she can compete with the best riders? “I think that’s because I was always a sporty type,” Asia says. “[I play] a lot of football (soccer), snowboarding, some acrobatics... and I’m not afraid to try new tricks.”
    Right now her bag of tricks is quite big. From stylish grabs to Back Mobe 5s, Front Mobes and KGBs. Asia is also practising some double handlepasses, but don’t tell anyone... it’s suppose to be a secret.
­—Wojtek Antonów, Nobile Team and Marketing Manager

as featured in the Spring 2010 issue of SBC Kiteboard magazine

Date of Birth: 11/04/1994
Years Riding: 4
Sponsors: Nobile Kiteboarding, NPX, Long John, Femi Pleasure
Hometown: Warsaw, Poland
Off-Water Activities: Snowboarding
Trip of a Lifetime: Brazil last year
Favourite Board: NHP wmns 131
Favourite Trick: S-Bend Pass
Last Trick Landed: Switch Slim Chance

Asia Litwin - Nobile Rider Profile from DZIDA PRODUCTION on Vimeo.


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