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Tools of the Trade: Josh Mulcoy

Sept 9, 2007

Author: with Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy is one of the first professional surfers to see the potential a kite brings to the surf. He is currently one of the top riders, with and without a kite, in the surf. His pioneering style and vision are inspiring other top surfers to grab a kite and tow into more waves than ever imagined possible. So what gear does it take to turn a blown-out surf session into an epic day? Josh Mulcoy shares the details of the gear he traveled with to Peru.

1. The first one is a fish. This board is perfect for traveling and good when the waves are small or if you just get bored with your normal equipment and want to ride something totally different. Every time I get on it, I have a good time. It is 5’6” x 19.5” x 2.25” thick and was shaped by Steve Pendarvis.

2 and 3. The other two boards, next to each other, are my Surftech TL2 pro models. The TL2 is my favourite board, and it’s what I ride for surfing most of the time and kiting all of the time. This board is super-strong and still feels like a normal epoxy surfboard. It is a 6’0” x 18.5” x 2.25” thick. It’s a squash tail and was shaped by Stretch. The other board is a step-up board, which I use when the waves get overhead. This board is a 6’2”, round tail, 18.5” wide, and the rails are 2.25”.

4. I have a quiver of Flexifoil Ions. There is a 6 m2, 8.5 m2 and a 10.5 m2. These kites are perfect for my travels. I used to have to travel with so many more kites, but now, with the new designs, I can travel with three. These kites work well in the surf, and with just three kites, I feel I’m ready for any conditions out there. My kites are super strong, as I have yet to rip any in the surf, but if something were to happen, with the range of these kites, I could switch sizes and keep going.

5. Everyone has got to have some. These are my favourites from Fox.

6. Da Kine Pyro. It’s super comfortable and strong, and it’s definitely my favourite—wouldn’t leave home without it.

7. Fox wetsuits. I had to have a big variety in Peru, so I brought everything from a fullsuit to a wetsuit jacket. The water temperature fluctuates so much!

8. Portable DVD player, iPod and a good book are all must-haves for traveling, especially when there is so much downtime on the road. I need to stay entertained.

9. Pepto-Bismol is a must-have for any trip. It’s one of those things you hope you never need, but when you do, you’re thankful you packed it.

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