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Who’s That: Noah Simon

Sept 14, 2009

Author: Adam Von Ins / David Tran photo

Noah Simon

In 2004, 16-year-old Noah Simon first walked into our shop with a kiteboard he had just bought at a local competitor. New to the sport, he was looking for help on building his new board and decided we would fit the task at hand. Laughingly, we agreed to help. That weekend, Noah offered us a boat ride for kiting on a Charleston Barrier Island in South Carolina. Feeling obligated to help more, we took the invitation and watched him ride, water re-launch and even try a jump all during his first solo session ever. We thought it was luck, but would later learn about Noah’s special kite powers.
    A few weeks later, Noah’s charm and determination got him a job as Air’s first employee. Since then, he has become one of the most aggressive kiteboarders we’ve ever seen. He charges each session with full power and practises the most difficult moves, often ending up grounded on the beach after crashing (currently holds the record for most broken kiteboards in Charleston). Throughout high school, he was also notorious for getting into trouble. These unique powers earned Noah the nickname: Air Grounded.
    Noah received his first sponsorship from Gaastra in 2006. Five years after his first kiting experience and many lost kites later, Noah now has an International Pro Kiteboarding Sponsorship with Globe Kites (GK) and Litewave Designs. He’s the one with the black shirt and sunglasses in the current Litewave ads.
    One of the most technical riders emerging from Chucktown, this native of Sullivan’s Island, S.C., loves riding powered. His bag o’ tricks includes all the popular moves, plus many “No. UHHHH” originals such as the “Kung-Fu” and “Watermelon.” Just returning from three months competition training in Baja, Mexico, Noah is quickly catching the eyes of everyone. With manners, a recent college degree and mad kite skills, you’ll likely find him tearing up winds somewhere, inside the kite mags or, on rare occasion, back in South Carolina working at Air’s shop as he rests between his training and trips. —Adam Von Ins

Years Riding: Started in 2004
Sponsors: Air Company, Litewave, Globe Kites, and Smith Optics
Favourite Board and Kite: 2009 Litewave Vision Pro & 2009 GK Trix 12m
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Vehicle: 2002 Nissan Xterra
Favourite Conditions: Flatwater w/ kickers 20 knots SW
Off-Water Activities: Wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, I’m always on the water
Current Job: Kite Instructor for the Air Company   
Partners in Crime: Hometown buddies Whittaker Warrington, Jon Budde, Dale Slear, Trey Sedalik
Kite Hero: Chucktown—Davey Blair
Favourite Trick: Anything that’s smooth, steezy and powerful
Last Trick Stomped: Front Mobe to Blind
First Setup: 14 m2 Naish X3 and Hyperlite wakeboard with windsurfing straps
Favourite Place to Ride: Station 28 Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina


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