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Corniel and Ozen win the Burn Kite Masters

Aug 22, 2013

Ariel Corniel from the Domincan republic and Gisil Ozen from Turkey won the kite Masters at the Burn Kitesurf World cup in Turkey.  Corniel put a great show combining big air tricks and new school moves.  Bryan lake got his first win in Slalom and Boenniger kept on winning.  The conditions were slightly lighter then yesterday, with men and women riding 12 to 14 meter kites.  The waves were still here to offer a great playground to the riders.  The focus will now shift to slalom for the next three days.

The competition started with the completion of the last 12 heats of the round robin to determine the top six men and the four riders that would advance into the semifinal.  Serin and Sholte had to complete another heat to break the tie and seed them accordingly. Serin was the winner of that exchange and went up against Smith in the semifinals.  The heat was very close but Paul Serin landed some great board-offs and a few technical moves to defeat Smith.  The other semifinal was between Corniel and Scholte, Scholte started well but could not keep up with Ariel who was landing trick after trick and got an easy win.


Thte battle for 5th and 6th place was between Kerneur from France and Taner Aykurt form Turkey.  Taner was solid from the start with a nice 360 board off, back mobe and 313.  Kerneur had a response, but did not have the intensity of the local and had to settle for 6th, while Aykurt was the top Turkish finisher.  Smith and Scholte took to the water next with Scholte getting more tricks in, but Smith was riding extremely stylishly with a perfect 315, S-mobe and one footer to secure the final podium spot. 

The Final between Corniel and Serin very close, Serin landed a good BJ, 313, Slim, S-1 and a few board offs.  Coniel landed a perfect front blind and had a little more power in his back mobe and other handle passes.  His board offs were good enough to get him the win a title and a large cash prize.  The girl’s final was setup with three heats with Gisil Ozen defeating Berna Ozturk and Merve Ceylan, with some clean back rolls, S-bends and blind judge.

The slalom races took a few minutes to get underway with large swells pulling the boat and the marks off position.  Once the racing got underway it was extremely exciting with all the riders battling for a position into the next round.  The ladder was setup with three heats in the first round, two semifinals and a four men final to give all the riders ample room to navigate the course and not collide with each other.  In the first round all the favorite’s advanced and the competition really heated up in the semifinals.  The first semifinal lake easily won and Castel got second on the last leg while Cakir and Grubber tangled.  The second semifinal Kerneur was over early and disqualified from the race while Smith and Vanucci went on to win. 

The womens final was very fun, when all the girls missed a mark and realized that they had not completed the course and needed to round the last 2 marks of the course to finish the race.  Christine Boenniger won again followed by Ozturk and Ceylan.

The men final was intense, with waves hitting the first mark, strategy was a key factor.  Lake and Smith exchanged first places a few times but in the end it was the American Lake who got the win, Smith finished second and may have been a little tired from all the heats he completed in the morning.  Grubber and Simone Vannucci battle for third until the second to last leg when Grubber took third place.

Video of Mens Final Race 3

The freestylers are done for the week but will be here to provide some great entertainment and keep the parties going, while the Slalom racers will have to keep fighting to see who will win the Burn Kitesurf World Cup Slalom in Istanbul.  Follow us on Facebook and twitter to get the latest news and make sure you check out the LIVE.

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