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IKO members can now access International Kiteboard Insurance with Lloyd’s

Apr 3, 2013

After months of searching and tirelessly negotiating, IKO is pleased to announce that its hard work has paid off and members can now access exclusively to an unprecedented new international insurance program provided by the Lloyd’s insurance market located in the UK. Unlike before when the IKO offered insurance to just a few countries, this insurance program is now available to IKO Members and Kite Centers located in most countries around the world.


“This is a unique and exclusive insurance program and is an essential IKO benefit that we are pleased to have helped arrange for our professional community” says Frédéric Béné, president of the IKO. “The program meets all the requirements and is in compliance with local insurance regulations as well as has been approved in most countries where IKO is represented.” Simply upon request, more countries can be added to the existing list of where coverage is provided. Currently, the IKO Kite Centers and Instructors in the following countries can take advantage of this unique program in: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and UK.


The insurance program is affordable to IKO Kite schools of any size and whatever the working season is for the school. This is always the challenging when looking for and negotiating professional coverage for an extreme sport like Kiteboarding especially when it is taught and practiced in so many countries today. The agreement however is worded in English and in order to fit to the professional and general Kiteboarding activities is exclusively for the IKO and its members. The program offers professional and general liability for IKO Affiliated Kite Schools.  All kiting activities for Kiteboarding, Snowkiting and Powerkiting are covered under this policy. Best of all, it is easy to apply online. More information HERE.



About the IKO

International Kiteboard Organization (IKO) is the world’s leading Kiteboard training organization with affiliated kite schools in thirty-eight countries including the U.S., U.K. and Australia. IKO specializing in education programs, promoting safe practices and is not only enhancing the highest standards for the industry but is setting the industry standard for safety. IKO strives to reach pure excellence in the teaching experience while finding the perfect balance of fun and safety for all our IKO members. To learn more, visit


About Lloyd’s

Lloyd's is the world's specialist insurance market and occupies fifth place in terms of global reinsurance premium income, and is the largest surplus lines insurer in the US. In 2012, 88 syndicates are underwriting insurance at Lloyd's, covering all classes of business from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Lloyd's is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.




Contact: Jessica Chauvin

Communication Manager

IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization)

Apartado 197, 57600 Sosua, Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic



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