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2013 Lord of the Wind Results

Jan 15, 2013

Author: Words and photos Dylan Murphy

The third day of Lord of the Wind was by far the most anticipated. Day 3 was the day of the enormous Lord of the Wind Showdown course race. This race consisted of riding upwind for several miles all the way up to Punta Pescadero, rounding a small orange buoy, and flying downwind all the way back to the start. Nearing the end of the race, it seemed that Johnny Heineken would win the Showdown once again, but in the final mile, Cabrinha racer Bryan Lake overtook him to be named the Lord of the Wind for 2013. This leg of the race was extremely exciting, and most definitely in the top 5 best moments of the event. After all of the racers had finished,  the committee moved on to the hang-time jumping contest. This competition was for kiters only, but remained a huge crowd pleaser. They decided to run it in a way that was similar to the freestyle; four heats, where only the top 6 longest hang times moved on to the finals. The final heat consisted of Mac Skaggs, Jake Kinney, Taylor Meehan, Even Netsch, Alex Agura, and Ty Reed. Unfortunately, by the time they got to the final round, the wind had started to die. Regardless, the riders pumped up their biggest kites and went out onto the water. Even though the wind was light, the contestants still did plenty of lofty jumps and did their best to stoke the crowd. It was hard to say who won, since all of the jump times were only separated by a fraction of a second. After all of the events had concluded, the announcer informed everyone that the awards ceremony would be at Hotel Palmas de Cortez at 6:00. Upon my arrival, they introduced a few of the sponsors who helped fund the event, and got right into the awards. Everybody was having a lot of fun, and I saw a lot of sportsmanship between the competitors. This year's Lord of the Wind was run very well. I hope this event occurs again next year, so that I can compete yet another year.—Dylan Murphy

2013 Lord of the Wind - Bryan Lake

2013 Lord of the Wind photo


1st Bryan Lake
2nd Johnny Heineken
3rd Joey Pasquali
4th Alex Aguera


1st Gabor Vagi

Mens Open
1st Clinton LaTourrette
2nd Peter Biawat
3rd Ariel Poler

Mens Masters
1st Gabor Vagi
2nd Steve Kinney

Elite Men Kiteboarding
1st Evan Netsch
2nd Bryan Lake
3rd Adam Super

Elite Womens Kiteboarding
1st Cynthia Brown
2nd Laura Maher
3rd Lisa Tedford

Elite Mens Windsurfing
1st Bryan Metcalf
2nd Wyatt Miller
3rd Tyson Poor

Elite Womens Windsurfing
1st Fiona Wylde


Kiteboard Elite Men
1st Johnny Heineken
2nd Bryan Lake
3rd Brian Kender

Kiteboard Elite Women
1st Nuria Goma
2nd Cynthis Brown

Kiteboard Mens Open
1st Clinton La Tourette
2nd Rogelio Basave
3rd Peter Blawat

Kiteboard Womens Open
1st Caitlin Kinney
2nd Keely Bresnahan
3rd Justi Vonada

Kiteboard Masters Men
1st Mark Stiegemeier
2nd Steve Kinney
3rd Gabor Vagi

Windsurf Elite Men
1st Tyson Poor
2nd Casey Hauser
3rd Steve Bodner

Windsurf Elite Women
1st Fiona Wylde
2nd Jacie Skakel
3rd Audrey Davis


Kiteboard Elite Men
1st Evan Netsch
2nd Johnny Heinekein
3rd Alex Auguera

Kiteboard Elite Women
1st Lisa Tedford
2nd Cynthia Brown
3rd Ulrike Stigbauer

Kiteboard Mens Open
1st Rogelio Basave
2nd Ignacio Del Aguila
3rd Hadyn Fischer

Kiteboard Womens Open
1st Caitlin Kinney
2nd Keely Bresnahan
3rd Justi Vonada

Kiteboard Masters Open
1st Philip Lorimer
2nd Steve Kinney
3rd Jim Naylor

Windsurf Mens Elite
1st Bryan Metcalf-Perez
2nd Steve Bodner
3rd Macrae Wylde

Windsurf Womens Elite
1st Fiona Wylde
2nd Christine Rogers
3rd Jackie Skakel


Hangtime Kiteboard Elite Men
1st Taylor Meehan
2nd Alex Aguera
3rd Ty Reed

Hangtime Kiteboard Elite Women
1st Cynthis Brown
2nd Laura Maher
3rd Lis Tedford

Hangtime Kiteboard Mens Open
1st Jeff Peterson
2nd Haydn Fischer
3rd Ignacio Del Aguila

Hangtime Kiteboard Master Mens
1st Gabor Vagi
2nd Jim Naylor
3rd Philip Lorimer

Lord of the Wind Results Racing

Lord of the Wind on Facebook

Dylan Murphy is a 15 year-old kiteboarder currently based out of Los Barriles, B.C.S. and the Gorge. He started getting his "first big rides" when he was about 12 years old. He rides the 2013 North Vegas and a 136 Gambler with Parks boots. He likes to compete from time to time, but mostly just enjoys going out and riding with friends!

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