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Kevin Langeree talks about winning the singles in Germany

Jul 13, 2012

Author: John Bryja

Kevin Langeree

John Bryja: Congratulations on the win in Germany. How does it feel to be back on top again?
Kevin Langeree: It feels so good to win the singles again!! All the hard training seems to pay off now!

How were the conditions for for the competitors in the final heat?
The conditions where quite challenging choppy water with a bit of current. The wind during the finales dropped a bit so Youri and I where really trying our best to make the most of the heat. We where both a little underpowered on our 12m.

Kevin Langeree PKRAYou had the highest scoring trick of the day a high scoring front move. What made it so special?
Yea I did a pretty crazy frontmobe witch scored a 8.6 with. It was in the heat against Alex, I knew I had to give it all and thats what I did.  I started making speed checked my take off spot, toke off and started rotating, I felt the kite going down and started to accelerate even more. I was a bit scared I was just going to explode on the landing cause I had so much speed. When I came out of my rotation I spotted my landing and that was a clean one! The people on the beach started sheering. At that moment I knew it had to be a good score.

How do you like the new scoring system where the top seven tricks are scored?
I think its a good system. In the beginning we had some problems here and there but that was because everyone had to get used to it. An other good thing is that after your heat you can see what trick scores good that way you know what to do on the next heat. It also is a little more relaxing cause you don't have to do a trick every 20 sec. You have more time to wait for the perfect gust and the right chop to do your trick.

Have you adjusted your training and riding style for the new format?
Yes I have. I'm concentrating more on making my trick perfect and consistent.

Describe your perfect heat?
One handed nose grab 313, one handed grab KGB, Double back spin pass, one handed s3 tail grab, KL 7, Blind judge 5, back mobe 7. Not and easy one hahah.

Tell us a bit about your injury and, what sort of rehab did you do to get back to such a high level of riding?
I've been training really hard with lots of up's and down's. My knee injury was really holding me back for a long time not only physically but also mentally. I had to overcome the fear to hurt my knee again by training really hard on the water but also on the land. I've been spending lots of time in the gym and on my bike to get my knee as strong as possible.

What do you think it will take for you to be world champion again?
I've not been thinking about the world title yet. I'm just doing my thing and having fun being back on the top. I have the motivation back to take the title so how knows!

What do you think of the new Airstyle format? Will it stick around or is it just a fad.
The format is for sure not there yet. It's a new discipline and we still have to find the prefect format. This will take some time but the best way is to just try it. One thing is for sure we want to give the people a great show. It for sure has some potential for the future.

Do you think the big air will become more technical and less lame?
I always really enjoyed doing the Big air best trick. I think if we can find a balance between Big air best trick and Airstyle we could have a pretty interesting format.

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