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Youri Zoon talks about the new PKRA scoring system and his gear

Apr 8, 2012

Author: John Bryja

SBC Kiteboard magazine caught up with current World Champion Youri Zoon at the PKRA event in France for his thoughts about the new PKRA scoring system, and talked a little about gear too.

Youri Zoon, Bromwich photoJohn Bryja: Congratulations on winning the first PKRA event for 2012 in Morocco. What do you think of the new PKRA scoring format?
Youri Zoon: I think it's a very good way to push things forward in the heats, especially with the live scoring system. It will make a big difference.

Did you adjust your riding style for your heats?
Yes because you can only do 12 attempts, and only the best 7 tricks will count. I use my time now to do bigger and more technical tricks, rather than doing more smaller tricks that would be good in the overall impression (the system we had before).

A big upset today. What happened in the heat against Liam Whaley?
Yea biggggg upset. I was just riding like a bag of .... Incredible and I was feeling pretty good for the event strong wind really my thing. Mayby just a bad bad day.

Under the new scoring is it harder to recover from a bad start to a heat?
Nope, Normaly is easier to recover youself since you only have to do 7 good tricks.

Alex Pastor is riding boots this year, do you think straps give you an advantage over him in certain conditions?
I think boots or straps has it advantage in certain conditions. When it's light or gusty I think straps will have some advantage but when it's a bit choppy boots might work better.

Are you planning to wear boots for any of the events?
Sliders and kickers I ride boots 100% for sure, and maybe in the future freestyle as well. Never say never.

Youri Zoon in Morocco. Bromwich photoWhat board are you riding this year?
I still ride the same board as last year, it's a production Brunotti Youri Zoon model . In 2013 I will ride a little bit bigger one. My stance is 48 cm. My board doesn't have that much rocker which makes it a fast board, and I like to go big!

Do you switch back and forth between Slinghsot RPM’s and Fuels, if so when and why?
I have been riding the Slinghsot RPM since it was out in 2009. I like the kite a lot and it proved itself in a lot of different conditions. I like the 8/9/10 meter kites the most.

Do you notice any improvements over last years kites?
Yes the kites are way more efficient and move a lot better. Also they are easier to ride.

What trick would you consider your secret weapon, and what were the keys to learning it?
Mmm I think I win most of my heats because I try to ride as powerful and fast as possible, and sometime's taking a lot of risk but the judges reward this as well.

Describe the trick list of your perfect heat:

Frontmobe 5
Blindjude 5 or 7
Backmobe 7
Kgb 5
Kiteloop 7
That would for me would be the best heat. If it's gonna happen one day... we will see.

Thanks Youri, best of luck during the double eliminations later this week.


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