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Great results for FLYSURFER at San Teodoro Evento 2010

Sept 22, 2010

From 16 to 19 September 2010 the San Teodoro E-Vento <>  took place, this event brings together the International kiteboarding world to the Italian kite beach: Cinta San Teodoro. This year the conditions were good all three days of the event and the show on the water was incredible. The FLYSURFER <>  team was also able to take home 2 of the 3 podium places in the long-distance race!

The new FLYSURFER Speed3 <>  21m Deluxe <>  was always the first kite to fly over the bay in San Teodoro, the 6-8 knot thermal in the morning made for optimum conditions for this kite and for people to try out. The incredible performance of this kite have amazed more than a few testers.

And the icing on the cake came Sunday, despite the difficult conditions with gusty off-shore winds (between 10-30 knots) the long-distance race took place. Because of the gusty off-shore winds, making a good start was already a battle. But even with a very late departure in the first heats both Ingo Klammer and Eddy Lansink (board shaper of FLYBOARDS <> , riding with a prototype FlyRace) could qualify for the final with the Speed3 <>  12m Deluxe <> .

 After some advise about the local winds and thermal effect by experienced Italian racer and Flysurfer School owner Marco Calbucci <> , both racers went out to battle for the podium places in the final. The start was better this time, but still around 80-100m behind A. Tonon which had a great start right on the gun.

Reaching the bottom of the bay (4 kilometers out) it was hard to see who was leading, but coming in we could see that Eddy Lansink was in 2nd and Ingo Klammer was in 3rd. The boardspeed of Eddy was impressive, catching up to Tonon fast and finishing only a few meters behind him on the finish line.

Despite the commitment of Eddy and his awesome comeback in the 2nd part of the race the victory went to Tonon, but both Eddy and Ingo where very happy with their results in the difficult and gusty conditions. All in all a great result for FLYSURFER that highlighted the potential of our kites and FLYBOARDS!

The final long-distance Kite Race results from the San Teodoro Evento 2010 :

1st Tonon Ozone (Ozone Edge 13)
2nd Lansink Eddie FLYSURFER (Speed3 12m DLX)
3rd Klammer Ingo FLYSURFER (Speed3 12m DLX)
4th Sterbini Andrea North (Rebel 11)
5th Giovannelli Lorenzo Slingshot (TD2 14)



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