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Around the world in weeks - part 3 / BVI Kite Jam

While I was having a few little problems on my trip from Cabo Verde to the BVIs due to a snow chaos at the Frankfurt Airport I still made it there in time for the BVI Kite Jam and was really stoked to be back for the events second year!

There are not many events that are worth such a long trip but this one certainly was... it turned out amazing once again and maybe even a little bit more special than last year  since this year we ended up having much more wind and the Kite Jam crew had added a few little extra goodies for us too! :)

During the event we again all stayed on the Sunsail catamarans and I was lucky enough to stay on one together with my friend Linda Argila from New York, with event photographer Chris and his wife Vera as well as Cape Air lady Kim and her husband Hank. With our great crew ready to go we sailed to the North Sound on day one and  got in the first kite session before the official opening party at Saba Rock... The next morning we sailed over to Necker and spent the morning kiting around the island in the "Necker race"...a pretty awesome experience and the first time I ever kited around an island! We then had a big air competition afterward in which Shannon (Best) won a whole case of  Necker champagne (that we got to enjoy during the week) and as a very nice reward we also got the most amazing lunch presented... delicious fresh sushi on little boats in the pool... pretty posh really.. :)

In the afternoon we sailed over to Anegada where we stayed for the next 3 days... kiting every day at Cow Wreck Beach, doing downwinders, fun competitions for Pro's and Am's and giving some coaching clinics and then partying every evening at the Anegada Reef Hotel. The 3 theme parties... (Tight&Bright party, Finlandia Tribal Party and K&J party) gave the evenings a very special spin and with everyone dressed up funny we all had an absolute blast.

For the last 2 days we headed back to the North Sound where we unfortunately didn't have any more wind so we ended up wakeboarding and stand up paddle boarding. For the last evening we went back to Necker Island for an amazing closing party and prize giving. The night turned out to be so much fun (with such amazing and beautiful people) that I never got to sleep that night, catching my speed boat to the airport at 6am and sleeping the whole way to NY (I literally just woke up to check in and change flights).

Once again I had the most amazing time at the BVI Kite Jam and a want to send a huge thanks and send big hugs to Abby, Scotty, Charlie, Laurel and Richard. You have been putting together a truly special event again that is different to any other kite event I know and brings together a bunch of super interesting and passionate people.

Next up is our first KB4girls event of the season on Boracay/Philippines and I have to make all my connections to actually make it there in time... so stay tuned! ;)

Posted: March 16, 2011 at 02:53 PM
By: John Bryja

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