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RRD Religion

Jul 16, 2010

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Style: Four Line SLE Wave
The RRD Religion is the four line bridled design built for performance that’s designed specifically for down-the-line wave riding. RRD promises the ultimate wave-specific performance with beefed up Dacron framed durability, quick water relaunch and fast turning speed with a short leading edge and turning power designed to provide the ultimate wave slaying experience.

Control Bar and Safety Systems

The RRD has reliable functionality without too much flash. The grip is soft and contours nicely on the hands with good colour coding for left and right. The reliable safety systems include the mini fifth line flagging for total depower off a single front line. Additional flagging handles above the floats are great as a backup, especially in the wave. The trim loop uses a simple push away pin-in-sheath mechanism, which is covered by neoprene casing. The chicken loop is coated in plastic and a stopper ball system can be moved with a free hand if needed.

RRD Kite Bar

On The Water
As a dedicated wave kite the Religion should be considered by riders that want performance specifically for waves only. In contrast to the many versatile SLE kites, the Religion has an absence of jumping ability or pop, which can be hard to adjust to if you’re not riding waves. The beautiful thing about this Religion is its ability to be on a wave and quickly drive the kite across the top of the window without it pulling you off the wave face. In addition, the Religion delivers lightning fast pivot turning or looping, and with little or no pull during the loop. This smooth stability lets you stay riding the wave without being pulled off, causing you to edge against the kite while surfing. The power can be found as the kite pulls smoothly forward after the turn. It takes some time to get used to the performance of the Religion if you’re used a freeride kite that can do everything. The short and rounded leading edge allow it for quick water relaunch, which is an essential feature for any wave kite. The Religion has also been built to withstand the added abuse of constantly being in the surf. No need to pray for this Religion as its trashed in white wash. The Dacron framing and extra reinforcements give you the confidence to be in any sized surf. Even the kite lines look like they could with stand major thrashing. Another thing to note is that the 10 m and 8 m were also not as grunty as some of their equivalent sizes in SLE category and the performance really shines when they are fully powered and driving you down the line and snapping off the lip. Flatwater freestylists, and cruisy freeriders need not apply, this kite is for the surf.

Reality Check
For dedicated wave riders only and can backstall in lighter winds so tune and get a kite with a size bigger than you’re used to.

Bottom Line
The Religion will appeal to the most dedicated of surf enthusiasts that want a kite to keep them on the wave for more parts of every session. The construction is bomber and the concept is amazing.


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