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RRD Obsession

Apr 3, 2010

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 10, 8
Style: Four line SLE Hybrid

The Obsession is RRD’s only SLE kite, and has great access to solid power, nimble maneuverability, direct steering and excellent unhooked performance. Building on the success of the 2009, this year’s Obsession has been revised with a wider canopy shape and more direct connection to the wing tips resulting in smooth power delivery, increased stability and good amount of depower.

Control Bar
The Global Control bar has a simple design that gets the job done and has ample safety features. The smooth EVA grip is contoured nicely with reduced diameter on either side of the metal centre insert. The plastic coated trim line ensures durability and smooth adjustability. Bar length can be adjusted on the beefy bar ends and there is the added safety of double OS handles on the steering lines. The standard leash connects to a mini fifth line system below the bar and flags both front lines to a stopper ball on main trim line. The above-the-bar trim system uses an easy sliding cleat within a stretched arm’s length.

On the Water
The Obsession’s smooth unhooked power delivery and nimble steering puts it in the top of the field of the powered freestyle category. It has the distinct C kite feel that many of the Test Team members prefer and gravitate towards. With a compact single pulley on each bridle and direct connection to the wing tips on the back lines, there is plenty of grunt through the turns and access to smooth, powerful turning. The positional feedback is ideal for unhooked tricks and the kite sits forward in the window and delivers smooth pull that builds confidence for throwing down some new moves. There is also access to good amount of depower, which comes on at arm’s length. The solid stability, ample depower and nimble steering of this kite gives acceptable performance for side on or side shore wave riding. It was a kite that the more advanced riders of the test really enjoyed and were impressed with its powerful grunt, and high end performance.

Reality Check
The trim loop is dated and mini fifth line should integrated so that the safety doesn’t just dangle through the centre.

Bottom Line
The Obsession is a high-powered, mega-Looping machine that has C-kite pull and direct control that many advanced riders are looking for.


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