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North Fuse

Apr 3, 2010

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 10 m
Style: Four line SLE Delta Hybrid

The new North Fuse is the latest creation in four-line performance from the North design team. The Fuse is a four-line kite that promises a huge wind range, direct steering, precise maneuverability and huge jumping capability. The Fuse has a similar shape and feel to popular North Rebel model but incorporates the Attack Control Bridle for four line simplicity.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The new North Truth Quad Control Bar configuration has some industry-leading features that include new sticky bar grip, the roto head centre, the new Iron heart three trim release system and two leashing options for standard 100 per cent depower flagging or suicide leash configuration for advanced riders. The roto head works in conjunction with the metal centre part keeping the trim loop readily erect for hooking in, while it also acts to reduce abrasion on the centre lines by allowing you to back rotate twists in the lines. The new Iron heart three trim loop is also redesigned with the industry’s first reverse pin configuration that ensures easy release while under load. The Fuse mini fifth line leash system engages both sides of the Attack bridle to completely flag the kite onto its back. This new North bar is a polished, well-engineered design with smooth working systems and safety system that inspires confidence.

On the Water
The North Fuse kite has well-rounded performance that must be admired for its easy handling, excellent upwind drive and lofty jumping capability. The Fuse lights your fire early and you get used to it quickly. It has great stability with no backstalling issues. The bar pressure is lighter than the North Rebel but with good positional feedback the Fuse reacts with a direct feel and no lag in turn initiation. Depower comes on progressively and this kite sits back in the window slightly more than the five line Rebel, giving it constant drive. It’s always easy to find where the power is coming from as the Fuse has big sweet spot with smooth and consistent pull through the gusts. Depower is still accessible and progresses at arm’s length and the trim system is within easy reach to engage more depower. The North safety system works well when engaged and ensures the 100 per cent depower flagging safety with the mini fifth line system. Water relaunch is quick and easy as the swept canopy shape reacts easily to steering line pull and bridles initiate the relaunch. The Fuse has a good combination of quick pivotal turning speed and with some moderate power generation through the turns. It’s well suited to the cruising freeride crowd that wants to boost some lofty jumps and have the simple set-up and safety of a four line bridled set-up. It has good depower and is more than capable wave weapon.

Reality Check
The bridle lines are not as compact as some of the other more evolved bridle systems of its competitor.

Bottom Line
The Fuse is a welcome edition to the formidable North line. It offers an easy-to-set-up four line bridled system that delivers the all-round performance and versatility that’s ideal for the everyday rider .


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