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Nobile T5

Apr 3, 2010

Author: SBC Test Team / Shane Thompson

Size Tested: 10 m
Style: Four line SLE hybrid

The latest incarnation of the Nobile 555 line has been renamed the T5 and is equipped with a new look and new bridle configuration to optimize direct steering, relaunch capability and balanced bar pressure. This kite is suited to a wide range of riders that want access to big jumping, high powered manoeuvres, good levels of depower and Delta-like relaunch capability.

Bar and Safety Systems
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On the Water
The Nobile T5 has much improved low-end power over its predecessors and was a powerhouse in its size range. The T5 delivers direct steering and moderate bar pressure with good positional feedback from the back lines at all times. Even when depowered, the kite responds well and can continue to steer the kite with better precision than some comparative models. The new direct connection bridle system has no pulleys and separated rear and front bridles system, which makes this year’s T5 quicker turning, with more direct power and response than its predecessor. The new T5 emerges as the high-powered, big-boosting kite of this category. It also has some decent unhooked capability but is not a true park throw down freestyle SLE. Depower is acceptable and comes on progressively within arm’s reach. The short throw of the trim line also keeps the adjustment straps within easy reach. A quick adjustment of the front trim lines and the T5 sits forward in the window for some good unhooked fun. Water relaunch works effectively with appropriate wind levels, the kite respond easily to a quick steering line pull. Of all the All-Terrain Freeride kites in the test the T5 may seat itself at the head of the pro powered freestyle jumping machine table. Freeriders that want some good low-end power and real boosting capability should look to the T5. The good low-end power of these kites and overall wind range can reduce the number of kites you need in your quiver.

Reality Check
Having a narrower shaped harness hook is more ideal for the shape of the Fulcrum trim hook. The style and function of this fully plastic molded loop is loved by some and puzzles others.

Bottom Line
The Nobile T5 is a high-powered and big-boosting SLE that will satisfy the demands of the more advanced rider. Great improvements over last model with better direct handling and faster turn initiation.


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