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Best Waroo

May 10, 2010

Author: Shane Thomson

Size Tested: 11 m
Style: Four-line Delta Wing Tip hyrid

Building on the success of their Delta wing tip shaped Kahoona, the 2010 Best Waroo takes the Delta shape a step further and fuses Best’s exclusive Twister Tech leading edge technology and the VP3 Bridle system for enhanced all-round and versatile performance. Over the years, the Waroo name has been synonymous with freeride capability and the new Delta winged shape promises to live up to its legend.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The Best Bar is streamlined for simplicity with comfortable EVA, 3D molded grip, bar floats and emergency flagging handles on both bar ends. The Big Black quick-release trim loops work effectively and houses the primary safety ring through its centre. This primary safety acts by pulling in the main trim line which depowers the kite by pulling both front lines in. The above-the-bar pull trim straps are within reach and can trim the kite for more depower.

On the Water
In the air the Waroo delivers stable and predictable pull and has a large sweet spot that progressing and intermediate riders will appreciate. With good amounts of depower the Waroo exhibits surf capability for those that prefer park and ride performance with good depower positioning. The V2P Bridle configuration allows for some fine tuning and can drastically change the flying character, bar pressure and turning speed of the kite. In this regard, it’s important to play with the different settings to find your preferred feel. The Test Team preferred the AA set-up for the fastest turning and lightest bar pressure. With the lines in this position, we found the Waroo delivered the most direct feel and fastest turning speed. Compared to the Kahoona, the Waroo delivers more wind range and generates more power through the bottom half of the turn. Like many Delta shapes, the Waroo sits well forward in the window and feels well balanced, even when unhooked. It also delivers good pull in the forward position, giving easy access to upwind drive. For big-air enthusiasts the Waroo can deliver some great hang time and long glide. The curved Delta shape of the Waroo ensures quick and effortless water relaunch and is much improved from the Waroo’s of previous years. Overall, the abundant Waroo riders of the world should be excited with performance improvements of this new incarnation. It provides stable and predictable pull for the progressing rider, and has plenty of unhooked pop and good hang time for the more advanced freeride crowd.  

Reality Check
While Best steps up to the plate with a stable and soon-to-be-very-popular Delta hybrid, the depower strap on the kite tested got stuck in the depower position when we over-adjusted it.

Bottom Line
The Waroo is a versatile performer with highly tunable flying character that can be adapted to variety of skill levels, styles and disciplines. This year’s Waroo has better low-end power and water relaunch than any other Waroo before it.


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