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Cabrinha Nomad

May 9, 2010

Author: John Bryja

SBC Kiteboard tested the all new Cabrinha Nomad over the better part of two months in the small surf at Sauble Beach, Ont., on Lake Huron and in the butter-flat conditions of Oliphant, Ont. The Nomad is a completely new kite model for 2010, built to meet the needs of Cabrinha’s touring pros and aspiring PKRA riders, and designed to excel in both surf and freestyle.

What’s New
Completely new model, improved PowerDrive Bar with redesigned overslide IDS and new internal landing line.

Bar Setup and Safety Systems
• 4-line safety with Absolute Depower
• New Internal Landing Line
• Overslide IDS
• New bypass leash attachment
• Center line 50 per cent stronger

On-Water Performance

The new Cabrinha Nomad is a very refined SLE design. The kite is extremely stable in gusty conditions, and it’s “light” bar pressure setting provides surprisingly good positional feedback, comparable to the best of last year’s C kites like the North Vegas or Naish Torch. With the Nomad’s progressive depower achieved with very short bar travel, and the ability to get absolute depower without a fifth line, the Cabrinha Nomad raises the level of safety in the Surf.
    But safety is not entirely what this new kite is about. The Nomad is the closest that any SLE or Bow kite has come to smooth C kite performance: generating power smoothly throughout the wind window both hooked into the chicken loop or unhooked. Turning speed can best be described as moderate. Not as twitchy as the fastest C kites, and the Nomad is capable of quick turns with aggressive inputs. Relaunch is quick and easy and available by simply pulling on the rear line; even in marginal conditions.  

Reality Check

The lack of low-end power in the Nomad can be the deal breaker for people trying this kite for the first time. It’s easy to find your self underpowered and working the kite a lot. If you ride gusty location or need a bigger wind range out of your kites the other Cabrinha kite models are better option for most riders.

Bottom Line
True C kite-like smoothness, with the depower ability of the best SLE kites, make the Nomad a revolutionary new kite. If you’re into Kite Loops and PKRA freestyle tricks or unhooked waveriding, this is a great kite. Improved low-end power would make this one of the best kites we have tested.

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