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  • This is snowkite - Another Way - Full one hour snowkite documentary

    Another Way is an hour long documentary about the discovery of snowkiting. During the 2011-2012 season, the prod team traveled the world in the quest for the best spots for all types of snowkiting.
    The documentary is divided in 7 chapters:
    Chapter I : This is snowkite
    Snowkiting is a "complete" winter sport. It allows to travel fast and efficiently in all types of terrain. IN this first chapter, we present a completer overview of what snowkite can allow. Get ready, it's going to throw down!
    Chapter II : Japan
    To travel in a new country for snowkiting is never an easy thing. Either it is a country with some well known spots and we get stuck in the region "that works", either we go on an adventure with the risk of not riding very much. But at the end of the lone in this type of travels, the kite aspect is often secondary after the discovery of the culture, landscapes and customs.
    Chapter III : Friends
    Even though snowkiting is a very individual sport, you will rarely see a rider go out on his own. We could summarize this by " Happiness is only real when shared".
    Chapter IV : Powder
    Pow is a bit like the prefect barrel for the surfer, the Holy Grail. So when you have the chance to get some on your spot, you ride until you collapse! ;-)
    ChapterV : Québec
    Quebec was the best discovery of the whole winter. 30 kiteboarders, lost in the middle of a giant frozen lake for a whole week, kilometers of ride every day and the discovery of the Cree culture...
    Chapter VI : Norway
    In the last few years, Norway has become the mecca of snowkiting: a spot so big it takes multiple days to cross, dantesque wind conditions and most of all, a bunch of talented riders.
    Chapter VII : Snowkitemasters
    Each year, the world snowkite championships take place at the Col du Lautaret in France: the Snowkite Masters

    Posted: Nov 20, 2013

    Tags: tv, snow

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