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Kris Kinn Bio

Jun 23, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Spring Issue

Nickname: Never had one Kris Kinn
Date of Birth: 25/02/1981
Years Riding: Six
Sponsors: Rebootizer, Best, Triggernaut, Mystic
Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y.
Off-water Activities: Yoga, Pilates
Trip of a lifetime: Billabong BVI Kite Jam!
Favourite Board: 134 Best Armada
Favourite Trick: S2Blind  
Last Trick Landed: Blind Judge

I first met Kris on the Best RV back in 2007. She had volunteered to jump onboard when the RV passed through her home spot of Buffalo, N.Y. “I never thought they’d let an unknown rider jump onboard, but I decided to inquire any ways,” Kris explains, “and surprisingly they hired me.” Best team rider Miguel Willis happened to be driving solo so it worked out great that she could make the trip across the U.S. with him. I jumped on in Seattle, and we were going to be the first to take the RV over the border to the Windfest event at Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island. Kris did great at this event, and I could tell from that moment she really had the passion and drive to take her kiteboarding to the next level.
    After working for us that summer, Kris traveled overseas, became IKO certified and began instructing and training in Paros, Greece. “After working on the RV, Miguel said he could get me a job instructing,” Kris says. “So, I went home, quit both my jobs, rented out my house and bought a one-way ticket to Greece.” Miguel and Kris continued traveling together, shooting photo and video in off-the-beaten-track locations such as Turkey, Oman, Africa and the Philippines. In 2009, she became a national team rider for Best and competed on the KPWT tour, finishing second overall. After traveling the world for two years, Kris came home in 2010 to hit up some events here, taking first place at the Bridge of the Gods (pro division) and second place at the West Coast Open in racing. “It was a great feeling to come home and win an event in my own country,” she says. “I hope to inspire more girls here to compete internationally.”
    You may have also seen her driving her cozy, grey Best logoed van down the East Coast of the U.S., organizing demos. Kris is an amazing ambassador for the sport of kiteboarding, as well as advocate for getting more women into the sport, helping Kristin Boese with the KB4Girls camps when she can.
    I am proud to call Kris a good friend, role model and now International Team Rider for Best kiteboarding. She is going to be competing in the NAST Tour this winter, after traveling to Baja events and will also compete in several PKRA events. Keep your eyes peeled for this Best girl as she charges hard on and off the water. ­—Lia Feriancek, Best Marketing Manager


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Kris Kinn Bio
Jun 23, 2011
Nickname: Never had one Date of Birth: 25/02/1981 Years Riding: Six Sponsors: Rebootizer, Best, Triggernaut, Mystic Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y....
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