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Jun 25, 2013

The Crossride kite.


CORE, Germany’s No. 1 kite surf brand is proud to present the new Riot XR3. In developing the Riot XR3 CORE built on the
three cornerstone characteristics of the now legendary cross ride kite:

Performance, Comfort and Safety.
The new Riot XR3 is the intelligent evolution of the Riot XR2, Germany’s most successful kite in the last years. The R&D team from Fehmarn Island gave themselves two years for development and testing to ensure that their high quality standards can be met. Performance improvements are especially evident in the jump performance and agility of the kite; without the trusted comfort and safety levels being compromised. This required real engineering perfection.

Improved Performance:
The optimization of the kite profile and the “Intelligent ARC” led to a noticeable improvement in the hang time and jump height. The “Intelligent ARC” spreads the kite out during the flight phase, like the wings of a bird. At the same time the Riot XR3 brings improved dynamic steering behavior thanks to the new Short Bridle System. This makes it an extremely agile, with direct feedback what excels in waves. The construction is once again based on the performance
oriented 5 strut design. Core uses the exclusive CoreTex® triple rip stop fabric for further improved aerodynamics and durability.

Legendary Comfort - improved:
The ride comfort of the Riot XR3 is, as before, characterized by the easy and smooth power delivery. In addition the XR3 gets going early and is capable of superbly easy and efficient up wind riding. The direct power delivery per Sheet and Go is supported by a very direct bar feedback and effective depower,
which makes the Riot XR3 a favorite in the waves. The delta orientated shape allows for an easy and uncomplicated relaunch. The Riot XR3 is the first kite to benefit of the new Speed Valve 2. Attention to detail and engineering skills, of the Core Team, is patently evident: The valve’s cross sectional 180% larger compared to the predecessor, allowing almost three times as much air flow as per usual. This doesn’t only make pumping up easier and faster but deflating after use is now done in seconds.

Proven Safety:
CORE stands for the highest safety standards. The Riot XR3 releases effortlessly on the Virtual 5th Line. The CORE SENSOR Bar allows for release with minimum effort thanks to the ergonomically optimized quick release. In addition to these CORE has also used a uniquely safe short leash which is located in front of the rider. The high linear depower range of the Riot XR3 adds to the safety and control elements when over powered.

Crossride: Freeride – Freestyle – Race – Wave:
The combination of Performance, Comfort and Safety make the new Riot XR3 a real cross ride kite. The kiter, as is the philosophy of the development team, should determine the riding style and not the kite. The Riot XR3 is ideally suited to anyone from beginner to expert; for those who want to cover all disciplines from Freeride to Freestyle, Race and Wave.

You can find all product infos and a brand new video from Maui, Brazil and Los Roques on the CORE website:


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