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2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear Preview

Aug 1, 2012

Author: Cabrinha Kiteboarding

Here is the full 2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding collection. Here are 8 videos: Preview, Live Free, Siren Collection, Chaos, 2013 Kite Line, Quick Link bar, Twin Tips, and Cabrinha Surfboards.

2013 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear Preview

SBC Kiteboard contributor and founder of the Florida Kitesurf Association, Rick Iossi's first look at the 2013 Cabrinha Gear at the Islamorada, FL dealer meeting.

Back to the Moorings in Islamorada, what an amazing venue for a water sports meeting.
(CLICK photo for full sized image)

Watersports dealers from all over North, South, Central America and the Caribbean had gathered to see the great new products
being rolled out for 2013 from leading water brands in the world. The Pryde Group is a privately held company with over 3000
employees, operations in more than 40 countries and 40 years in business.

Moving on to Cabrinha kiteboarding gear

Pete Cabrinha carries some boards over to the presentation of the 2013 lineup.

The presentations were given in the upstairs screening room of the bomb-hurricane shelter on the property. Part of an exotic automobile collection is housed on the ground story of the building.

Pete prepares to launch into the presentation of Cabrinha gear for this year in the screening room.

Kites produced by Cabrinha for 2013 including five models ranging from BOW to Hybrid to Bridled "C-kite" shapes. Plus the new Siren line produced for women shown below.

The demo gear display and launching area
(CLICK photo for full sized image)

Slashing waves with the Drifter.

Cabrinha is all about details and small, big improvements. These are some of the innovations rowed aboard for 2013. A huge one is the enlarged fillers. These will allow you to pump your kite up both faster and easier. The line manager, a simple aid for keeping your lines untangled and to speed your setup time comes built into each new kite this year.

Cabrinha is bringing quite a few surfboard shapes to kiting this year.

Susi Mai presents the Siren kiteboarding line of products from the Baths on Virgin Gorda, BVI. The Siren line has been designed specifically with the needs and preferences of women riders in mind. Guys and girls are far from the same, why should their kite gear be identical? Vive la différence!

Lots of twin tips to go around too, boards for all applications on the water.

The legendary Switchblade is back for 2013 with all the great handling characteristics and then some.

The brand new for 2013 Chaos, a bridled C-kite, quick powered turns and consistent grunt when unhooked.

Cabrinha is bringing back even more improvements in the 2103 control bar, including an IDS rearm aid, improved kite trim adjustment with that ultra clean and uncluttered bar. I am riding the lightwind twin tip weapon for 2013, The Stylus.

Here is a big development for rearming the IDS on your control bar. There is now a locking mechanism that holds the tongue back making rearming a lot easier.

Sending a kite up with a GoPro onboard.

Susi rides carried along by her Siren gear through the BVI.

The Pryde Group Americas team making this great event possible!

Yet one more remarkable sunset in the Florida Keys.

This is just a first look at the dealer meeting and myriad
new products for the water sports marketplace.

More to come, stay tuned ...


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