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North Jaime Most comfortable ride and strap system

Jul 19, 2011

Author: SBC Test Team

North Jaime     Most comfortable ride and strap system
STYLE:        Freestyle/Freeride
SIZE:          137 x 43 cm
FINS:           5 cm S Bend G10

The Jaime is the longest running model of the North board line and the legend of this model continues to evolve and adapt to the demands of the new-school freestyle riding, while maintaining a solid foundation in freeride. This as an easy-to-use, high-performance board that admirably suits the intermediate and any advanced rider. New for this season is the double V-bottom and the four degree fin angles. Adopted from kite race board technology the double V smooths waterflow and combines with special fin angles for better speed, early planing and upwind performance. Great all-round board, the Jaime is easy to release for good pop, is smooth and holds an edge well through choppy conditions. The Jaime has moderate stiffness, which is a good combination of aggressive pop with forgiveness for landings and bumpy water conditions. Any progressing intermediate or advanced rider that wants a more forgiving ride should consider the Jaime Pro.

Footbed and Strap System
The Vario Footpads a have unique feature that enables you to change the stiffness of the heel cushion by choosing between three different pad inserts which vary in levels of softness. They insert easily underneath the heel of the footpad. The multi-adjusting footraps are also highly tunable for your preference of width and asymmetry. The straps are soft and mold nicely to the foot and, in combination with the pad, they provide one of the most solid foot-to-board connections of any strap and bed on the market.

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