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2011 Airush Gear Preview

Dec 8, 2010

Author: Marc Schmid

 2011 Airush X-Over

Biggest news for 2011
The biggest Airush news for 2011 is of course the whole range...It’s Big!   The most complete range in kiteboarding, the Airush brand provides every type of product imaginable for any type of conditions.  The goal for 2011 was to introduce products that are specific to conditions and riding styles understanding that one size sometimes does not fit all.  Snowkites to C-Kites to One Strut Kites; Skimboards to Competition Freestyle boards to Raceboards.  All in high quality well thought out designs and innovations for the 2011 season.
Highlights and new technology

Lighter is better.  The goal for the 2011 season was to provide new patent pending constructions in our kite and board lines.  The Active surf range provides a new look in stringer technology.  A Carbon I-Beam running through the center of the new Active construction allows for a board that has flex and weight properties of a PU surfboard with the durability of our flytech II construction.  The FS Team employs an extremely lightweight construction method boasting a competition standard freestyle board starting at 1.8 kgs.  In kites, the Airush One is at its bare minimum. A new design to the market using only 1 strut for reduced weight that increases turning speed and relaunching making it an awesome wave kite especially in lightwinds.

Please list all kite models with a brief three sentence description and date available in shops.
All Available Mid October
Taking design into a realm of unprecedented innovation and kite evolution, the Access breaks barriers by introducing an entirely new kite category Short Line Kiting. With a kite that is fast and lively enough to power stroke on 9M lines, yet stable and predictable enough to allow for getting your first rides, whether on 12m lines or 6m lines, this versatile kite is bred for exploration.

Standing out as the kite that can do it all, the Lithium suits any level rider, offering the best in effortless relaunch, pivotal turning and smooth power delivery. Designed to excel in performance where it matters most, the Lithium integrates the V2 bridle system for the ultimate riding experience with simplicity and safety always in the forefront.  When every session counts, let the Lithium change your perspective on what high performance really feels like.

Lithium LW:
With a newly designed 3-strut system, the 2011 Lithium LW weighs less, enabling it to turn quicker, relaunch easier and achieve unmatched low-end power. Designed to be ridden 1-2 meters smaller than your previous lightwind kite, gone are the days spent waiting on the beach for that extra few knots of wind. Paired with a light wind specific board, the Lithium LW will have you blasting around and going upwind, while other kites are left sitting lifeless on the beach.

For riders from beginner to expert, the Airush design team worked tirelessly to make the ONE extremely responsive, stable and predictable while still remaining easy to use and dependable. Up to 30% lighter, the ONE still maintains all of the superior qualities of its multistrut brethren, resulting in the ultimate kite for light or strong wind conditions. When absolute perfection is effortless, ONE kite is all you need.

Massive lift and increased hangtime contribute to the superior feel of the Varial, while the enhanced jumping features and ACTive Engineering (Active Conical Tension), the most stable and forgiving platform available, allows the rider to focus on their riding rather than the kite. With the confidence that comes with extraordinary design, the 2011 Varial takes the rider beyond limits and to new heights, each and every time.

True to the high performance attributes of the Vapor III, the Vapor X adds 4-line simplicity; increased lift characteristics, and more parked power to the proven Vapor platform. With an all-new canopy profile designed for fast turning speed, wake style pop and all terrain fun, the Vapor X is a new generation kite bred for high-performance kiteboarding, while remaining intuitive and easy to use. Offering limitless possibilities on the water, the Vapor X compels every rider to take their riding to the next level.

Designed to be flown on 5 lines, the Razor has a clean profile and increased aspect ratio for increased lift and hang time, while still retaining incredible unhooked performance. With aggressive graphics, Airush’s hardcore construction details, and smooth but deliberate power delivery, the Razor is sure to make its mark as the true C-kite aficionado’s C-kite.

Crest: Designed with snow kite guru and world record holder, Jerome Josserand,
the 2011 Crest has been redesigned for higher levels of performance and reliability with a new canopy outline, more stable wingtips, added reinforcements and a reduction in overall weight. Maintaining a strong focus on safety, the Crest offers a new bar release system and a more durable flying line connection system. For
2011, the Crest has definitively emerged as the ultimate kite that will keep you riding the limit and soaring without bounds.

The Outback has been developed to allow all riders maximum enjoyment on land or snow. Successful in creating a kite that excels in these areas, the Airush design team worked hard to further enhance the great qualities of this kite. Whether with a first time rider or a multi-season veteran, the 2011 Outback shines with refinements such as improved stability, faster turning speed, more reinforcements and a lighter weight to create a ram air kite perfect for all skill levels.


 2011 Airush Chop Top

All Available Mid October
Compelling every rider to explore another realm, the Airush SKC Wakeskate is the ultimate strapless board for skate inspired tricks, terrain park riding and strapless freestyle fun. Versatile and incredibly stable, the proportioned weight distribution provides predictability and control in even the windiest conditions, giving riders the ability to explore new tricks and bridging the divide between skate and surf with ease.

The Airush Skim board stands alone as the first of a new generation of kite specific skims that combine a skim rocker, hybrid outline and wave inspired rails to create the quintessential strapless board for light-wind cruising, small wave bashing and skate and surf inspired freestyle. The combination of a wide parallel outline, pivotal tail and late entry rocker allow for an early planing board that is very versatile
and easy to use.

The Switch delivers dynamic freeride performance through a precise combination of shape and construction technology. The progressive flex curve is achieved through the tapered ABS rail, 3D stepped deck profile and abs flex tips. These work in conjunction with the multizone biotech core which comprises a stiffer Poplar center section for enhanced durability and response, with the Balsa outer section for reduced weight. This innovative core is the basis for our industry leading two year warranty.

The Protoy is suited to the rider looking for refined freestyle performance,
with riding comfort normally only found in a freeride board. The secret lies in the unique double concave bottom combined with the new generation three stage rocker and three stage outline. The double concave bottom shape works in conjunction with the new three stage rocker for a softer ride through chop and a more directional feel for stability at speed, this is further enhanced by the new three stage outline due to the more parallel hip section.

The Airush X-Over offers the ultimate blend of carving, jumping and control while being the twintip of choice in surf & heavy chop. This is the result of the unique shaped ABS rail, bottom shape and X-Over specific outline. The bottom shape comprises of a double concave centre section which ensures a smooth ride, with the spiral V in the tips enabling the rider to move from rail to rail easily and the compact flip tips which direct spray away from the rider and prevent the nose from pearling.

The 2011 FS is the result of intensive R&D with our pro team. The contrasting styles of Tom Hebert & Alex Pastor have resulted in range that performs in a diverse range of conditions and a solid evolution in design. The new three stage outline features more parallel tips, enabling the rider to hold the edge for more pop, working in combination with a slightly shorter overall planform for 2011.

FS Team:
This unique development is the result of a complete rethink of the production process, along with the huge innovation found in the quad layer multiaxial 100% carbon construction. This comprises two layers of T700 Carbon on each side of the board with combination of uni directional and Biaxial carbon fibre. The result is the most finely tuned freestyle board on the market today starting at 1.8 kg.

FS Park:
Jibs, kickers, wallrides, or flatwater, the 2011 Airush FS Park is here
to give you the necessary tool to become your own menace to society.
The Park gives you the optimal benefit of planning power without
compromising the feel of a standard wakeboard. The bottom contour
includes a moderate rocker allowing it to excel in upwind ability,
pop, and smooth landings.

Developed with emerging wave talent Bear Karry, the Quad reflects the demands of the Southern Californian conditions, excelling in cross onshore to cross offshore conditions. Best for mushy waves, where it really out-performs a tri-fin is on a flatter section or softer surf. The narrower relative width and intermediate rocker make the Quad better suited to faster, top to bottom down the line riding when compared to a traditional small wave board or fish.

5’3 - The original choptop concept started with the 5’3 by setting out to combine the abilities of a small wave surfboard with the throw around factor of a skimboard. Wide tail and flat rocker entry for incredible light wind performance, with great high wind control due to the “over the board” rider geometry.
5’8 - For medium to light wind and heavier rider, the 5’8’’ offers enough buoyancy for paddle surfing up to an advanced 85 kg rider in small surf (up to shoulder high). The snub nose outline keeps the volume forward allowing for maximum planning.
5’8 LW - Airush introduces the Widebody concept to surf with the Choptop LW. This unique design pushes the envelope of extreme light wind wave performance by allowing you to ride aggressively in the most marginal conditions.

At 6 inches shorter than your regular board, the Compact fits into every section of any conceivable wave. At the same time has the stability and drive to deal with high wind and bigger wave conditions. The compact introduces a new generation of power wave riding.

The pure surf inspiration of the Converse delivers a thoroughbred shape that enables you to ride more vertically, with more snap than imaginable. The new shapes are slightly shorter with a fuller nose for increased drive in aggressive bottom turns along with a flatter tail section for more speed and drive.

The obvious increase in width enables the Sector to get going earlier, and continue planning in absolutely minimal wind conditions. Developed to be used in conjunction with kites such as the Airush Lithium LW and ONE, the combined innovation enables you to ride the relatively smaller sizes than traditional light wind kites from around the 7 knot threshold.

Monaro:  Airush takes a unique view towards the development of the Monaro by introducing a custom carbon sandwich design that is updated every six months.  The four man team races and tests actively throught the year in USA, Europe and South Africa in an ongoing prototype process sharing insight and feedback with each other and the design team. Final designs are immediately forwarded to our custom sandiwhc line and the fastest prototype is duplicated in production.

Chocolate Series:
The Chocolate series represents a significant step in developing a
performance product that will set a path to evolving Kiteboard and Surfboard construction towards more environmentally conscious constructions.
We looked at fundamentals such as an EPS core versus a PU Core, SAN Foam sandwich instead of PVC and introducing a second sandwich layer of wood to absolutely minimize the resin and glass content. The Chocolate series is clear finished to avoid needing to paint the outer layer. This complex construction combined with unique materials, ensure a high performance product using the most environmentally friendly options available.

Is there’s anything exciting you would like to tell us that did not fit within one of the question’s parameters, please feel free to state that here.

I LIKE TO STATE THAT SBC SHARES THE STOKE! Oh yeah, and check out the new AFT III side lacing system with a completely streamline and integrated chasis giving you the most comfort and adjustment from one pads and straps system!

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