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2011 Wainman Hawaii

Nov 16, 2010

Author: Drew

Biggest News

The Rabbits will still be flying with the same performance as expected and very soon, new Wainman Hawaii board shapes will make every rider on the water even more stoked.  The board line-up was designed to offer an extensive variety of performance resulting in a product line that will be suitable for any riders skill level.


- Rabbit Gang Series Kites: 5m Bunny, 7m Gypsy,9m Smoke 12m Boss, and 15m Big Mama. Each kite has a unique canopy profile that offers unrivaled performance for all disciplines of riding from free-riding to wakestyle to waves. The Rabbit kites were designed with the concept of combining performance and simplicity with 3-struts and small compact bridle.  This makes the Rabbits really different from other bridled kites with a very direct and responsive feel. They are faster, more responsive, and lighter-weight but also very solid and powerful due to their high quality, heavy-cloth framework. Additional Rabbit characteristics include high de-power, ridiculously easy re-launch and rock solid stability. The versatile Rabbit offers riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, a unique performance ride that will ensure a cosmic experience.


2011 Wainman Joke

- Blunt II:  Continuing with the success of the original Blunt, Wainman Hawaii is pleased to present the Blunt II twin tip with a brand new construction and graphics.  The Blunt is produced in our new world class facility with a super durable construction.   With the same shape and new construction, the Blunt II provides a dragless, smooth and edgy ride for freeride comfort and control. The Blunt II also comes with a new pad/strap combo and fins with the reduced drag. WH discontinued the 120cm and added a new 135 board, being a scale up of the most popular size from last year -  the 130. The old 135 – a low rocker, wide, light wind board is now replaced by a 137cm, which has different proportions than the current 125, 130 and 135. Sizes: 125, 130, 135, 137
- Joke: The Joke is a brand new addition to the Wainman Hawaii twin tip board line-up for the wakestyle freerider. The Joke was designed to provide the serious rider with a blend of performance and ease of use no matter if they are hitting sliders, carving waves or charging in the flats. A unique 3D bottom shape provides stability and enables the rider to go big with amazingly comfortable and forgiving landings. The combination of performance characteristics which include superb upwind performance, massive pop, insane turns and stability, make the Joke a board a serious contender.  Additionally, the Joke can be used with wakeboard bindings or pads/straps. Sizes 134, 138 and 142.


-The Magnum: This is a continuation of our classic/last year surfboard model. Available in 4 sizes (5'7, 5'10, 6'0, and 6'2) it is bit narrower than before and designed for the highest performance. This classic is a perfect blend of nose rocker and 3D bottom shop that allows you to enjoy any type of waves. This board is incredibly fast like no other what makes it perfect for riders who love to ride with power and speed. These boards are made to rip. If you are looking for a perfect recipe for fun, whether you are kicking it in the flats or taking on serious swells, Magnum is for you. The Magnum comes complete with a board bag, full deckpad, straps, five fins (quad or thruster setup), multifuctional tool and fin plugs.

- The Gambler: This is a totally new and very modern, progressive shape that was designed for everyday fun in all conditions. The Gambler is available in 2 sizes (5'7" and 5'10") and is ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your average classic board. With less length and more width,  this board is made for progressive and more floaty radical surfing even when the waves are not that great. The 3D bottom shape, special bottom channels and perfect amount of rocker, makes this board very fast and stable in higher speeds despite being wider than the average board.  The boards width is its advantage for the bottom end, both in wave and wind conditions. Additionally, this extra width gives this board quicker surf planing and catches more of the wave to surf it. The Gambler provides the fun factor in smaller onshore waves and flat water, but is an excellent performer in bigger waves as a result of its smart rocker line. The Gambler comes complete with a board bag, full deckpad, straps, five fins (quad or thruster setup), multifuctional tool and fin plugs.

- The Passport: This is a totally new 2 in 1 surf shape and designed to be a "World Traveler`s” first choice. It is a great all-round surf/kitesurf board that you can take with you on any trip. You can traditional paddle surf the waves with the Passport, or surf them with the kite when the wind picks up!!! This new school shape is available in 2 sizes (5'8" and 5'11") and is usually ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your normal shortboard and 3/4 to an inch wider. The lower rocker line than the Gambler makes the Passport plane quicker in small waves or lighter wind. This board is a great tool for those average wind and wave days. The turning characteristics provide the rider with pure fun because of the perfect outline, step-shaped tail and 3D bottom. This surfboard was designed for strapless riding and is perfect for strapless jumping and fun.  It is very light but strong enough to survive the overloads that occur everyday while charging. The lightweight construction allows for quick planing and superior overall response on the water. The Passport comes complete with a board bag, tail pad, five fins (quad or thruster setup), multifuctional tool and fin plugs.


New Technologies

Having such great kites gave us comfort to focus our RnD energy on boards and so we fully utilized this opportunity. Not only did we add new shapes to our existing range of boards but we totally redesigned our construction(s). Our main focus was to make the technology of the cores and laminations better and not focus so much of our attention just on the finish. What really matters for the performance is boards shape and its construction. New boards are stronger, yet light enough, and with the good amount of proper flex. Great hydro-efficient new shapes are produced in the best available constructions. Full custom epoxy technology is used for handcrafting each single surfboard and engineered wooden/PVC/PU cores of twin-tips are epoxy laminated in computer operated hi-temperature presses. We aim at  specializing and produce boards designed A-Z by professional kiteboarders in order to provide the ultimate kiteboarding tools for what they were programmed.

Kite Line Availability

- Rabbit Gang Series Kites: 5m Bunny, 7m Gypsy,9m Smoke 12m Boss, and 15m Big Mama.  Already available

Board Line Availability

- Blunt II:  Available: September 1, 2010
- The Joke:  Available: September 1, 2010
- The Cruzer: 
Available: TBA
- The Magnum:
continuation of our classic/last year performance surfboard model made to ride with power and speed.  
Available: October 1, 2010
- The Gambler:
Progressive and performance surf made for everyday fun in all conditions.
Available: October 1, 2010
- The Passport:
Dedicated strapless surf design that is fast, loose and extremely stable.  
Available: October 1, 2010

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