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2011 Slingshot Gear Preview

Sept 27, 2010

Author: / Mira Qwon

Biggest news 

This year we are bringing new innovations to market with more authority and clarity than ever! We have a new kite platform the OPEN DELTA C, six new twin tip board innovations and a new surfboard construction with the track.  

New technologies

1. F A S T R A C K : Slingshot’s proven proprietary mounting system offering endless stance options and a superior rider to board connection. Another industry first!
2. S I N G L E S H O T F U S I O N T E C H R A I L : We have moved the same technology found in skateboard wheels, to the rail of our boards. This industry first for kiteboards improves the overall dampening of the board and increases rail durability beyond anything available anywhere. Our innovative manufacturing process literally fuses the rail in to the board in one single shot. NO staples, tape, glue or seams. The rail literally is one piece of perfection. An another industry first!
3. R E S I N X : Resin X is the latest in high tech organic urethane resins. What does Resin-X have that epoxy and polyester don’t? Exceptional flex memory that can withstand longer flex cycles. Superior vibration dampening, increased elongation without failure. All these features combined store a higher rate of loaded energy, insane durability, and best UV resistance on the market. What does all this really mean to you? The boards are half a pound lighter in weight, offer more pop, and rebound, without feeling like a ping pong ball.
4.4 D G R A P H I C S : Another industry first, our latest innovation in graphic technology offers unlimited possibilities to the “cutom culture” market, and showcases the inside of our boards with virtually clear top and bottom sheets.
T H E W O R L D S G R E E N E S T B O A R D :

At Slingshot we like making sustainable “green” products whenever possible. And that’s the trick. It has to make sense. Green is only cool when you advance the performance of the product because of it. Not the other way around. In this case the boards are super tech and as an added bonus they are the world’s most sustainable board ever made. Here’s how we do it. NO PVC foam.Sustainable wood core. Lowest carbon foot print from forest to factory.
Resin X. Lowest VOC resin available in the market. New science in resin technology , that Resin X is the greenest resin made today. The factory electricity is produced by locally produced wind power. No airborne solvents are used in the manufacturing process. No plastic top sheet material. Slingshot has made a commitment to eliminate plastic top skins made from oil. Hopefully this new age of bio-resins will reduce the need to invade small helpless countries so we can enjoy our sport.
6. : : F U T U R E R E S P O N S E T E C H N O L O G Y ( F R T ) – Using the most innovative materials and construction methods available to design the correct shapes, flex characteristics, rebound rates and torsional strengths for specific riding conditions and ability levels.
7. OPEN DELTA C platform: For the past 10 years Slingshot has remained committed to the C kite platform for one simple out performs all others time after time. While everyone talks about C kites we invested to refine them. 10 years strong, we are proud to introduce the industry’s first high performance C kite series.
:: Fuel / Traditional C kite :: RPM / Open C kite :: NEW! RALLY / Open Delta C kite
Embracing C kite DNA throughout our entire range of performance kites is an industry first move by Slingshot. All aspects of design including the kites platform, canopy curve and foil shape benefit from the performance characteristics of C kites. The critical use of C kite DNA throughout our line up is dubbed, within Slingshot R&D, as C-ology. The idea behind this technical bulletin is to study the C kite design and how it has resurfaced as the pure DNA that all other kites are compared to, and how it drives all future kite designs. For the past 10 years kite design has evolved radically. Platforms such as the Bow kite, Hybrid kite, Sigma, SLE kite, Delta kite, and Delta C kite offer more convenience and performance features than ever before. The one important “take away” is that every kite and every brand compares their kite performance and feel to a traditional C kite and Slingshot is the only brand to remain steadfast to the C kite.
1. The number one C kite on the market today is the Fuel. It has been quietly setting new performance standards for 10 years!
2. Top pro’s continue to demand C kite performance to push the limits of our sport.
3. All kite platforms are eventually compared to a C kite.
We have recognized the importance of this pure DNA and have built on it for 10 years. We have evolved the Fuel. In 2009 unveiled the Open C platform with the RPM, and new for 2011, we debut the Rally first ever Open Delta C kite.
8. WVS construction
We use a complex layering system combined with a use a superior epoxy resin. Old PU boards typically use polyester or standard epoxy resin. They are cheaper, because they are faster to manufacture. Unfortunately they are also super toxic and not very durable. We start with a super light weight foam core, and then put on a layer of light weight glass. We then bond all of this on a more dense layer of wood. The final layer is glass and superior epoxy resin. Along each step of the way we use vacuum bagging techniques to enhance the bonding strength. The final result is a proven light weight sandwich construction custom board that is more durable than the old PU boards.
This proprietary construction method is WVS (Wood Veneer Sandwich)

Kite models

KEY HD available now, The Slingshot KEY HD is the newest kite in the Slingshot line up featuring the Hybrid Delta canopy. Benefits to the freeride minded rider are unmatched range, superb upwindability, easy water relaunch, instant 100% depower and safety in a clean uncomplicated package.
The KEY HD kite and board package represents the best quality, performance and value today. Discover the key to successful kiteboarding with the Slingshot KEY HD package.
Fuel available now, 10 Years of refinement translate to 10 years of commitment, integrity and passion to the highest performance C Kite that ever lived. It’s this kind of dedication that legends are born.

The 2011 Fuel is the most unrivaled C kite ever! It derives all of its performance from the truest form of C kite DNA. Characteristics such as unmatched deliberate power, fearless looping and unwavering recovery make the Fuel the C kite expert riders weapon of choice.
Leading the charge is Freestyle Global Team Rider, Ruben Lenten as a calculated part of the design and development process of the Fuel. Innovative features such as Onepump (original Slingshot patented single point inflation system), Custom Fuel Injection (fine tune for wake or freestyle), unique FUEL canopy (consistent grunt and power through the stroke) and Slingshot’s legendary construction position the Fuel as the pinnacle of all C kites.
Day after day the Fuel delivers, without excuse, uncompromised C kite performance. Fuel your passion!

RPM available Feb 2011,Maximum versatility in equipment without sacrificing an ounce of performance is the Crossover Collection mantra. Slingshot is proud to announce its third generation RPM. The RPM is changing kiteboarding with its innovative 3 strut “Open C” Canopy design. It delivers limitless high end performance options for all conditions. Excel your riding regardless of your style. Discover what the pros already know. The RPM is the one kite that allows for top performance while executing un-hooked freestyle, wakestyle and surf style.
*The RPM is the first and only non “C” kite to take a PKRA championship podium finish ever.

Rally available now, New for 2011, Slingshot introduces the Rally. We extracted C kite DNA from both our legendary Fuel and RPM, and added the third element of the Delta shape to create the industry first Open Delta C kite. We expect the Rally and the new Open Delta C kite platform to deliver all the desirable features of a Delta coupled with the performance feel of a C kite. The Rally is the choice for crossover freestyle and excellent in surf!
Proven Delta features such as low end power, responsive pivotal turning, endless lofty hang time, effortless relaunch and unbelievable range are matched with C kite predictable power and uncompromised stability.
The 3 strut design of the Open Delta C harnesses and delivers smooth efficient power through the stoke and offers a light weight balanced build for maximum flight stability. Our industry first pulley-less bridle lends itself to a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance. The range on the Rally has been optimized for maximum low-end grunt. This means riding in lighter wind speeds with smaller size kites and notice bigger boost with longer hang times. The stroke at the bar combined with our pulley-less bridle lets you tap into a top end range that translates into complete control when the wind picks. Fine tuning the Rally is easy with Custom Fuel Injection attachment points. CFI alters the overall feel and bar pressure enabling you to tune the kite to meet your personal riding preferences.
Progressive freestyle, expert surf, high wind, low wind; do it all with the
2011 Rally!

B-4 available now, The B4 is the perfect recreational foil kite for snow and land applications. With the addition of the Ready Relaunch system this compact, lightweight foil kite is safer and easier to fly than ever before. Ready Relaunch offers instant de-power and an advanced relaunch system for the traction kiter.

B-2 Trainer available now
The B2 is Slingshot’s original 2-line foil trainer kite. The B-2 has a proven reputation as the best trainer kite ever
produced and is easy to fly. The B-2 kite is durable, forgiving and gives you the edge in basic flying skills.

B-3 The B3 is Slingshot’s original 2-line foil light traction trainer kite.
The B-3 is hands down one of the best light traction kites on the market. board models with a brief three sentence description and date available in shops.

Board Models

Lunacy MEGA and DJ modles
The new 2011 Lunacy has been reworked and retooled by chief designer Tony Logosz and world’s most influential rider, Ruben Lenten. The design criteria is intense; to create a board that amplifies Rubens insane riding style. New for this year is our lighter Future Response Technology. Exclusive innovations include Radioactive Pop Core, Single Shot Fusion Sidewall, Resin-X, Fastrack and Custom Culture Graphics. According to Tony, Ruben’s needs are specific, we maintained the rocker and outline, but added Twin Channels to enhance edging and pop. When you add these features to our new construction you get a light weight, responsive, hard core freestyle board that can take the abuse Ruben delivers in every session.

In its second year the Darkside is the board is driving the wake scene in kiteboarding. Ruben Lenten, Alex Fox, Eric Reinstra, Joby Cook and the rest of Slider Crew in Hood River work tirelessly with Tony Logosz to design this board. It is the ultimate weapon for wake style riding. On the water it offers massive drive, power and no whip pop. On the rails it is balanced, flexible, and super durable. New for this year is our new lighter Future Response Technology. Exclusive innovations include Radioactive Pop Core, Single Shot Fusion Sidewall, Resin-X, Fastrack, Duraglide grindable base and Custom Culture Graphics.

The new 2011 offers a new outline, deck profile and Twin Channels, for more edging capability, consistent load with flex control, excellent upwind drive, and insane pop. With a weight reduction of .5 lbs (110g), the Misfit is designed by Tony Logosz and our top PKRA riders, Andy Yates and Eric Volpe. The Misfit rides smoothly through chop without spray, and offers the most versatility in all conditions. Exclusive innovations include our Radio Active POP Core, SingleShot Fusion Sidewall, Resin X, Fastrack and Custom Culture Graphics.

Slingshot introduces the DARKO board series. The designer series DARKO is the first twin tip to feature FASTRACK, Slingshot’s proprietary mounting system offering endless stance options and a superior rider to board connection. The DARKO is also equipped with the FRT core technology. FUTURE RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY delivers an advanced, smooth, steady yet explosive pop to any freestyle minded rider through the innovative vertically laminated wood core. Be on the look out for the newest high performance riders as they redefine freestyle kiteboarding with the signature DARKO designer series board.

Cherry picking the favorites from our test boards and developing what is the best 6’2” tri fin shortboard model to date. Fractionally thicker over the stringer under the chest with flatter entry for paddling, than last years BW Pro. The NEW TYRANT 6’2” has a much smoother blend of curve, bottom contour (single double concave) and outlines that harmonize for clean release and drive. The all NEW incorporated WVS Bamboo construction and the only board with parabolic CARBON rails, delivers a more crisp feel and spring when loading and unloading the rail. WVS and the carbon rail also makes the Tyrant the most durable kite surfboard offered today to handle everything from hard lip smacking to aggressive ariel moves. This board will blow your mind in good surf! Kiting or surfing reigning as a dominant force to be reckoned with, the NEW 2011 Slingshot Tyrant meets the needs of expert kitesurfers looking for all out hard core performance. 

Breaking bounderies, the NEW 2011 Slingshot Tyrant 6’1” meets the needs of expert kitesurfers. The 6’1” Tyrant is a tri fin, tru to the bone short board that does it all wthout the parabolic carbon rails as in its sibling the Tyrant 6’2”. The 6’1” has a deeper single concave under foot with double between the fins. It also has a more “pulled in” tail than the 6’2” making it sharp and explosive. The Tyrant 6’1” also incorperates the all NEW WVS Bamboo construction that translates to rail tight traction and a lively feel. WVS also makes the Tyrant the most durable kite surfboard offered today.  The Tyrant 6’1” lets you put more power in your wave riding. Ride it strapped or strapless. The tri fin configuration also allows for snappy turns in the pocket and solid drive down the line. And the mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up.

Two words, SMASH and DESTROY come to mind when referring to the Pit. The NEW 2011 Pit designed by master shaper Tony Logosz is made in the same WVS Bamboo construction as it’s counterparts make it lighting fast, super stiff, explode with power and committed in every turn. The Pit is an ideal kite surfboard for those looking to ride river or ocean swell in nuking conditions, letting it all hang on the line. The tri fin configuration also allows for snappy turns and solid drive. And the mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up.
The Pit is not for the conservative.

Looking for some speed in your surf riding? Look no further than the refined 2011 Celeritas with WVS Bamboo construction. The harmony created between the bamboo and the sandwich construction makes this board is faster than fast and durable! The Celeritas is a short “trunk” style board, with exaggerated concave and curvy tail lines. It also features a fast center rocker that blends from the center to the tail giving this board off the charts speed while maintaing perfect control. It is so versatile it is a blast to ride in small mushy surf but also holds it own in good medium surf. The Celeritas is for riders looking for an innovative board that excels in small wave conditions or the rider looking to set new standards at their local spot. It’s faster than fast! Quiet literally the Celeritas has an afterburner built in!

Where skim meets surf design, Tony Logosz takes his 30 years of shaping experience, and turns it into a board that equals high performance surf with a floaty, lively, effortless skim feel. The Globetrotter is the sitting at 4’10” is, what we dub as, the perfect board “trunk board” because with its compact size it comfortably fits into our Slingshot Golf Bag as well as the trunk of your car! The Globetrotter is made with Bamboo WVS construction making it a super responsive board yet has a solid feel for driving hard. WVS also means that it is the most durable high performance board on the market. The tri fin configuration also allows for snappy turns. And the mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up. Equipped with Fastrack, the Globetrotter can be packed away in seconds.

Master shaper Tony Logosz fuses his knowledge of surf & lightwind kite and delivers a board aimed towards a light wind kite enthusiast who also wants a high performance surfboard. The Dialer is our quad fin light wind kite “SURF” dominator. Made in the NEW 2011 WVS Bamboo construction the Dialer does not sacrifice weight for durability or lively, fast acting feel. It has it all. The quad fin arrangement make the Dialer an exceptionally smooth in turns and easy to negotiate in swell. The custom tail and outline shape give it excellent drive and release off the wave. And the mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up. The Dialer is also equipped with Fastrack making the transition from strapped to strapless a matter of seconds. It’s is a great travel option when you know you have to have your bases covered in case of marginal wind.

When you seek a high performance kite surfboard that is a craving machine, the all NEW 2011 Coupe Twin is your answer. The Coupe 6’0” is a twin fin (5.125”) short board made with the all NEW WVS Bamboo construction. WVS give the board rail biting traction for carving and drive while maintaing a lively responsive feel. WVS also makes the Coupe the most durable kite surfboard offered today without sacrificing weight.
The unique outline and tail shape of the Coupe loves to lay down an edge, drive and power you through turn after turn. With Fastrack this board can be ridden strap or strapless in seconds. And the mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up.

Newly redesigned for 2011, the classic Verve is the perfect board for heavier riders in light wind and excels for all riders in onshore conditions or clean surf. Morphing from a quad in 2010 to a tri fin in 2011, the Verve is more snappy and livelier than ever before. Made in the WVS construction family the Verve, with its wide outline,is a great all around performer that performs in the broadest surf conditions available. The mini tuttle fin box provides super structure when reefs or shoreline crop up. And the new tri fin configuration makes the Verve pivot turn to make “smacking the lip” timeless fun and easy all day long.

The light wind dominator just got lighter! Nothing beats this board in marginal or light wind conditions. If you are in the search for the ultimate soul searching freeride session, your search is over. The Glide is your answer! Exclusive innovations include our Radio Active Pop Core, Single Shot Fusion Sidewall, Resin-X, Fastrack and Custom Culture Graphics.

For those looking for fun options and variation in lightwind kiteboarding, Slinghot brings you the all SCUD skim style kiteboard as the latest addition to the LIGHTWIND COLLECTION. The SCUD skim style board is a great addition to any quiver for an intermediate to advanced rider looking to maximize their time in marginal conditions. Features such as the custom shape, removable fin, skim style front and rear pads, Custom Culture graphics and Slingshot proprietary FRT core construction make the SCUD an effortless decision for lightwind riding. So if staying upwind and making the most of your time on the water with a fun strapless skate like feel is important to you, one word...SCUD.

Top end performance for the advanced freeride kiteboarder is what defines the Ignition board. Slingshot showcases the new and improved IGNITION series twin tip board as a perfect compliment to the KEY HD hybrid delta kite. Solid upwind performance, soft landings and butter smooth carving are all benefits the Ignition delivers. It’s user progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders. So whether its your first kiteboard or an addition to your quiver, count on the IGNITION to lite up your summer!

Top end performance for the advance freeride kiteboarder is what defines the Crisis board. Slingshot showcases the new brand new CRISIS series twin tip board as a perfect compliment to the KEY HD hybrid delta kite. Solid upwind performance, soft landings and lively agile transitions are all benefits the Crisis delivers. It’s user progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as cruising. So whether its your first kiteboard or an addition to your quiver, count on the CRISIS to heat up your summer fun!

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