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2011 Gin Yeti Snowkite

Sept 22, 2010

Author: Markus Huber

Product presentation

The winter 2010-2011 marks the arrival of a new product in the GIN KITEBOARDING snowkite range: The YETI!

the YetI combines the strength of the previous generation of foil kites, the INUIt and the eSKIMo, the kites that have created GIN KIteboardINGs success on the snow.

YetI sizes : 4.5 / 6 / 8 / 10.5 m2 due to its perfect set of specifications the YetI will charm the snowkiters of all levels! Its main characteristics are:

MaxiMuM stability the YetI stays incredibly stable in any situation, for example:

  • Gusty winds during a hard freeride session
  • Unhooked and freestyle tricks
  • Flights at low speeds and with fully powered bar (often encountered with beginners)
  • Light winds

    100% depower thanks to the 5th line safety

    the 5th line safety system offers the best safety possible:


    • the safety system is NF S 52-503 certified by a european test laboratory, ISo 9001:2008 (
    • sMooth and precise flight the handling of the YetI is intuitive and smooth:

  • Completely releases the pressure when activating the safety
  • allows you to leave the kite on the ground without any traction
  • Simple 5th line bridle
  • Just the right amount of bar pressure for good feedback and tirelessly kiteing for hours
  • Good upwind performance
  • Combining comfort and simplicity with performance and fun

    best quality Materials and construction

    thanks to more than 25 years of experience in developing wings, paragliders, speedflying wings and kites, the YetI has the following convincing attributes:

    • High quality design and construction

  • the right choice of components and materials.
  • Solid and simple to use

    bar the YetI bar was developed in collaboration with GIN Kiteboarding riders from Switzerland and around the world resulting in the following specifications:

  • Small diameter for perfect grip
  • Specific bar size matching the kite size
  • Swivel system for automatic untwists of the front flying lines and safety line. No more twisted lines!
  • easy, simple and accessible trim system
  • reinforced and extra long pre lines to avoid any contact of the flying lines with the edges of the snowboard or skis
  • two different end cap colours to easily distinguish the left and right side

    backpack the YetI pack is designed for all your freeride backcountry snowkite needs. Its volume is large and we have designed several well thought out pockets.

  • Specific straps designed to carry skis, and sticks or snowboard.
  • Camelbak® inner pocket with protection of the tube from the cold
  • Pocket for your iPhone®.
  • ergonomical design.
  • brand new design matching the different kite colours

    GIN KIteboardING // Product presentation // YetI //


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