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2011 Axon Kiteboard line-up

Sept 21, 2010

Author: Ben Meyer

Axon Kiteboarding

Axon is a brand that is 100% dedicated to kiteboards.  Every piece has to fit and every board has to perform at the highest level possible.  We believe that every riding style and skill level deserves a board built the best that it can be.

Biggest news

This is the first year for Axon Kiteboards and we are really excited to introduce the premier collection of the brand.


The most exciting products in the line are the Freeride and Freestyle twin tips, the three Surf Series boards, and the AGS Footpad with Q-Loc Footstrap.

New technologies

In the Axon twintips, we utilize a 3D core molding technique that allows us to keep the boards very stiff between your feet (for solid landings and great upwind power), a bit thinner and more flexible by the fins (for great pop reflex and response), and even more flexible on the tip and tail to cut through chop smoothly and easily.  The Surf Series boards all have a full top sheet of bamboo the helps to disperse the compression in the board while riding.  The bamboo adds strength while eliminating the chatter that other wave boards can have.  The pads and straps for the twintip boards are molded pieces built for comfort and ease.  the AGS Footpads have a 3-piece gel system that is visible right on the pad.  The molded EVA foams are built just like the sole of a running shoe to give you the ultimate comfort on the water.

Board models

MAYA 127-Womens specific board with a wide, square outline for easy maneuverability that produces great speed and power.
-Smallest of the Freeride boards with moderate flex and great power for a small size.
- The Rhythm is playful and maneuverable but big enough to provide the extra surface area for easy landings and early planing.
-The Pulse has consistent control and power thanks to its 42 cm with and concave bottom and is a powerhouse for its size.
NYC 132,135
- The NYC has a round outline, stiff flex, shallow concave, and is built for instant reaction and pop out of the water for today’s power freestyle.
5’7 Thruster
-Super deep double concave and a straight outline make the 5’7 fast and fun in any condition.
5’8 Quad Fish
-The Quad fin fish is thinner than traditional fish shapes keeping it fast and lively and easy to surf or have fun in flat water.
6’0 Thruster
- Deep single concave squash tail that is designed after modern comp surf boards for true wave riding.

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