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2011 Cabrinha Gear Preview

Sept 16, 2010

Author: / John Bryja

2011 Cabrinha Gear Preview

SBC Kiteboard catches up with Cabrinha's Todd Greaux for a look at what's new in the 2011 Cabrinha Kiteboarding lineup.

Biggest News:  My Ride: Our riders have taken ownership of the sport and worked closely with the brand to develop a diverse range of products to satisfy everyone from first time rider to seasoned professional. My Ride is an evolution of 2010's Year of the Rider.  My Ride focuses product development from the team to offer a diverse and complete range of products that are not only good looking, durable, and well functioning, but fully rider approved.  Every and all Cabrinha products have been tested and developed by both engineers and pro riders and the result is our 2011 range.  Riders can choose to model their own equipment choices after the Cabrinha rider that most emulates their style.

The 2011 Nomad has been redesigned to offer a significant improvement in low-end power without sacrificing it's incredible high end. For 2011, we put more focus into light wind again with super easy relaunch on the Crossbow, and the addition of a 16m Switchblade. Our new Recoil technology on our Powerdrive IDS control system keeps lines clean and uncluttered while providing more universal functionality for riders of all sizes.
New technologies:
We have a new leading edge construction technique that enhances the durability of the closing seam and the segment seams.  This means equipment that will last longer and take more abuse.

Kite models2011 Cabrinha Nomad

Crossbow: The Crossbow kite's bow outline and high performance profiles work in concert to provide the largest wind range in our kite offering.   The Crossbow's open arc delivers the highest power to size ratio of any kite in our range.  This power comes in handy when looking for high hang times or when flying across a wide stretch of water.  When you combine these characteristics with easy handling, excellent relaunch, and quality finish details, the 2011 Crossbow completes its dominance in the role of the ultimate performance freeride kite.  It will be available August 12 in stores.

Crossbow Race Edition:
The Crossbow Race Edition combines a new profile with an ultra stable laminate material to deliver a highly tuned racing machine.  The CB Race is made to do one thing - win.  Our exclusive laminate material and its 7 batten frame keep the canopy flying rock solid on all points of sail.  The XB Race comes complete with a 1.5 to 1 ratio control system.  It will be available October 2010 in stores.

If throwing kite loops or towing yourself into surf is your thing, then the Nomad is for you.  New and improved material and construction are the foundation of a totally new design which enhances its quick turning, high depower characteristics.  A major emphasis has been placed on low end end power.  The Nomad will be available in late August 2010.

Switchblade: The Switchblade has the distinction of being the premier wakestyle kite worldwide.  It also shines as an excellent all around freeride and freestyle kite.  Kudos is given to the Switchblade for having feather light bar pressure and easy handling.  Its bow kite outline makes its relaunch a snap.  The right combination of turning speed and power efficiency make the Switchblade the go-to kite for for anyone looking to hit a rail or launch off a kicker.  The Switchblade will be available in September.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had one kite...  you would be best off with the Convert.  The Convert performs in any and all conditions with the ease of handling of a thoroughbred Cabrinha kite.  Its robust build and no compromise IDS security system assures an exciting and secure experience in and out of the water.  At a value, the Convert uses many of the features and materials of our pro level kites.  The SE version has a beefier, but slightly heavier canopy material that stands the test of abuse and time in the sun and wind - perfect for centers and schools.  The Convert and Convert SE will be available in November.

Board models 2011 Cabrinha Caliber

Caliber: The Caliber is serious about freestyle and freeriding. If you want to ride fast and hard then the Caliber is made just for you. The Caliber has a lower rocker line than the Custom which makes this board crisp and lively. It accelerates quickly out of the gates and keeps its speed through the lulls. The Caliber’s outline and flex pattern give the board mad pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. Sporting a quad concave bottom, the Caliber holds steady in high winds or choppy water.

Caliber X:
The Caliber X takes the Caliber Freestyle concept to a whole new level. The Caliber X makes use of a high grade carbon fiber to deliver a board which is lighter, and places the stiffness in precisely the right spot. The all wood core provides the durability while the carbon X pattern delivers its progressive flex pattern. Built in rail grips mean that you can ditch the handle for a more legit sense of style while keeping a positive hold where it’s needed.

Caliber XO: When it comes to kiteboarding girls want the same performance products as the guys. So we bring to you the Caliber XO girls model. Developed together with the iconic Susi Mai, the Caliber XO is smaller and lighter than a typical mens model. Based on the winning Caliber design, the 125 cm Caliber XO is perfectly suited for serious Freestyle and Freeriding. The Caliber XO has all the performance and construction of its bigger brother, but none of the testosterone.

Following the same trajectory of one of kiteboarding’s brightest stars, the Andre Phillip Custom wakestyle twin tip evolves once again this season. Expanding on the logic of defined channels as grip, we have increased the depth of its quad concave channels. This provides the board with increased grip and can be ridden finless if desired. The Custom utilizes its extreme rocker line to its advantage when riding powered in rough water. The Custom can be ridden with just about any type of boot, binding or footstrap system, making this model truly customizable and versatile.
Prodigy: The 2011 Prodigy is one of the smoothest riding twin tips in our range. Made to perform in any and all conditions the Prodigy is known for its “feel good” ride. The Paulowina wood core and moderate rocker line are responsible for a dampened ride with clean and easy tracking ability. Its wide outline delivers quick planing and a stable ride for an all-round kiting experience.

Rival: The Rival stands alone in a sea of all purpose Freeride board models. The Rival defines the price / value equation in board features. This multipurpose board shares many of the same quality board features as its more expensive Cabrinha counterparts. Features such as Paulownia wood cores and hard glass. The Rival can be use with just about any footstrap system from our CoAx to the Sync to a dedicated wakeboard binding. The Rival especially shines when paired with the versatile Convert kite for the ultimate experience in all-round freeride kiteboarding.
Wakeskate: Developed specifically for kiteboarding the Wake Skate represents a new genre of strapless trick riding. A low priced highlight to anyone’s board quiver. It can be considered a high performance toy or a low performance twin tip. Made for strapless trick riding in flat water or waves, the Wake Skate will challenge your skills in ways you wouldn’t expect Nothing is out of the question. The Wake Skate is built with a durable wood core. Models come complete with either a full EVA deck pad or grip tape traction.

Raceboard: Evidence of the incredible versatility of our sport is seen in the popularity rise in Course Racing. With Bruno Sroka’s 2009 world title in course racing, we hit the ground running in 2011 with a fully dedicated course race board. The 2011 Race comes in two sizes to suit your size and wind conditions. The 178 for high wind chop. 183 for flat water light wind. We spare nothing when it comes to construction material and quality. We know that the difference between the podium and the rest of the fleet is sometimes measured in fractions of a second. Be sure to read the review in the Fall issue of SBC Kiteboard magazine.

Plasma: Headlining our specialty board program is the Plasma light wind twin tip. Made to perform in the fickle conditions known as threshold winds. Threshold winds are generally thermal breezes with wind speeds just strong enough to fly a kite. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of these less than ideal wind conditions. In many cases the Plasma twin tip will be the difference between sitting on the beach or getting a full kiteboarding session.

The S-Quad is a purpose built board for high performance surfing. The S-Quad is a four finned epoxy board made to surf fast and hard. The S-Quad can be ridden with or without straps,hooked or unhooked, in surf anywhere between 2 and 15 feet. The curvy outline makes for a looser feel especially in smaller surf. However, when the conditions deliver pumping surf and strong winds the four fins really come into their element. The S-Quad boasts an all new durable EPS construction this season featuring a full length wood deck and Carbon reinforcements.
The Trigger is a modern classic design start to finish. It is as comfortable paddle surfing as it is riding with a kite. This board has more rail profile than the S-Quad giving it more bite from the rail alone. The tri-fin set up performs well in higher wind and waves. The Trigger boasts an all new durable EPS construction featuring a full length wood deck and Carbon reinforcements.

S-Killit: The all new 2011 Skillit is re-designed from the bottom up and features two new sizes..... a 5’6 and a 5’0. The smaller, sleeker surf shapes are on que with what’s happening today in progressive surfing. The Skillit likes to be ridden strapless and is perfect for punting big airs. Riding the 5’6 in small to mid sized surf is like riding in a skate park. The 5‘0 can be ridden as a freestyle trick board or as the ideal surf board for a grom. From rail gouges to airs the Skillit makes the perfect board to round out your quiver.

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