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FORUMS: Top five Kite Scoop threads

Jun 29, 2009

Author: SBC Summer Issue/Adam Anton

What can we say about Kite Scoop that hasn’t been said already? Apart from being the number one forum for wake style kite boarders to congregate, its reputation precedes it as being the most outspoken ‘hold no punches’ type of forum in the kite world. It was launched in 2004 and since then it has had a strong following of riders from all over the world. The Scoop has always had a reputation for having un-filtered, un-biased information which in some ways turns people off because of its abrasiveness, but its also why so many people love it. Scoopers don’t tippy toe around topics for the most part, they shoot straight to the point.  So amongst all the jokes and smack talk what you will find are some of the most honest reviews around. They also don’t sugar coat anything so if you’re claiming tricks that aren’t done properly or with style, you’re gonna hear about it.  With plans to expand the Scoop in the very near future, you’re going to see some of the best riding in the industry being documented along with heaps of new features that will keep you coming back for more. So if you haven’t signed up already and you wanna be part of the movement, come join us, we’re always looking for more troops ;)

Some of our fav recent threads:
1 Here's one about a member who got screwed by Delta Airlines. He ended up getting some useful information on how to get in touch with executives at Delta.

2 The Gypsy Wake Skate Project. Really cool story about a traveling wake skate.

3 A healthy debate about the progression of kiteboarding

4 Amazing photography by Lance Koudele.

5 Another funny debate about kite surfing. These are always funny lol.


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