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Youri Zoon RECORDED is back!

Mar 22, 2011

Author: Bob van de Gronde

Remember last year's video frenzy? Stay tuned, because the second season of the RECORDED series is on its way. Six videos full of action, stunning location and laid back lifestyle will hit the net in April.

The success of last year's episodes gave Youri a boost in popularity. “Its funny and a whole new experience for me when little kids in Cumbuco (Brazil) recognize me and are asking me for my autograph.”
This year, Youri dragged himself to horrible kitesurf spots again, like Australia and the Virgin Islands. In Oz he explored the West Coast to find flat water spots ideal for demonstrating his powered and styleful way of riding.
“I had never been in West Australia before and I heard the conditions were really good there. Last few years I spent in Brazil and South Africa to train, but this year I needed a change of scenery” The change of scenery included some well known spots like Woodman's point and Safety Bay, but also some less discovered spots.

After doing a photo shoot for Brunotti in Fuerteventura, the video shoot continued. A catamaran was waiting for Youri in the Caribbean to depart on an epic sailing and party adventure through the British Virgin Islands. The plan was to relax, kite and get some shooting done while soaking up the Caribbean lifestyle. “The most amazing color of water I've ever seen! Especially around Sir Richard Branson's Necker island, and at Anegada, an almost deserted island at the most northern tip of the Virgin islands.”

Besides his all-year round sponsors like Mystic, Brunotti, Slingshot and Koraal, Dutch chewing-gum brand Sportlife helped to produce the videos. “Sportlife is really into extreme water sports so I think the brand fits perfect in the videos. I hope this can be the first step in a long-term relationship with the Sportlife brand.”

Youri Zoon RECORDED is produced by EyEFORcE Productions, who are based in Amsterdam and focus mainly on extreme sports. “For us, following Youri is one of the most exciting things to do work wise. Youri's style of riding is very gracious and powerful at the same take, which makes the action picture perfect.”

The first episode of Youri Zoon RECORDED will start broadcasting the 12th of April and every two weeks a new episode will be released on the sponsor websites.

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